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Our Story

    My son Zane was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 3 years old - he is now a happy, healthy, thriving 6 year old!

    When Zane was diagnosed with Type 1, we thought our world had ended; we thought the life we knew was a distant memory; we were convinced that we'd never be able to grasp this and learn how to care for him properly. Some of that turned out to be true, but most of it turned out to be false.  Our world did NOT end; the life we did know was over, but a whole new life was beginning and we DID learn how to care for him...but we are still learning.

    Diabetes is a rotten disease!  There are worse things that could've happened to him or our lives and we are grateful that one of those things didn't happen.  But everyday we are continuing to learn how to care for him, everyday we have highs and lows (with blood sugar and with emotions), everyday we wish we had paid better attention in math class growing up (turns out, you really do use that stuff in the real world), everyday we get up in the middle of the night (sometimes multiple times) to make sure his blood sugar didn't fall or rise to a dangerous level, every morning we thank God that he woke up and didn't succumb to an undetected low blood sugar overnight.  Everyday Zane pricks his finger for a drop of blood 8-15 times, everyday he receives unit after unit of insulin to keep him alive and healthy and everyday we PRAY FOR A CURE!  

    Zane is a trooper, he RARELY complains about anything Diabetes related; he takes everything like a champ. But just because we have developed a new "normal" per say and just because he takes it all in stride does not mean that its ok, does not mean that it's not a big deal and does not mean that a cure isn't needed.  

    He may look healthy on the outside, but inside his immune system that is supposed to attack virus' and bacteria that enter the body attacked the insulin-producing beta cells in his pancreas.  Don't let looks fool you; he has a dead organ inside that needs to desperately be revived!!

    Please consider donating to Team Zane and/or joining our team and coming out to walk/run/trot with us on May 18th.  Your support over the years has been overwhelming and our hope is that just because time has gone by since he was diagnosed and it's not so "new" to everyone anymore that your support doesn't dissipate.

    Thank You.


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