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Beat the Bridge 2014!!

Hiking up to the top of Black Butte, in Oregon. Diabetes doesn't stop me from doing ANYTHING

    It’s already April 11th and the Sun is starting to shine which makes you think…. When’s the 32nd Nordstrom Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes? Well that’s what this email is all about! Sorry for the tardiness, being a sophomore at Holy Names Academy doesn’t give you much free time...

    For the Seventh consecutive year Team Pump It Up for Caroline will be racing for a cure for Type One Diabetes on May 18th at the brand new Husky Stadium!

    Over the course of the past seven and a half years of living with disease the thought of cure for Type One Diabetes has changed meanings several times. At first it was so I didn’t have to get poked and pinched 6-8 times a day with finger pokes and shots. But now a cure means something completely different to me. A cure means freedom. Freedom to live a life at a faster pace; no more pit stops. As I look ahead to college there are even more things to think about. Where is the nearest endocrinologist? What kind of medical care is available on campus? How do I remember to ask my mom to ship my supplies to me? How will I be able to remember to test and give myself insulin while I am constantly on the run? All of these factors add to the stress of moving away and can even factor into the decision of what college I go to. Maybe one in rural Vermont is not the best choice. Even today as I prepare to take my driving test tomorrow, diabetes gets in the way. Something as mundane and exciting as getting a driver’s license is complicated. Before I can drive at all I have to test my blood sugar to make sure it is at a safe level for me to drive.

    A cure would make the oncoming teenage milestones in my life easier.

    That being said, what would your money go to? .80 cents to the dollar goes directly to the JDRF to fund research. Some of the amazing treatments that are being researched currently are the artificial pancreas, time elapsing insulin, embedded beta cells and more. All of these therapies help take the person out of the drivers seat. This means less blood checks, and hardly any shots or carb counting, things that have become second nature to me that really shouldn’t be. These amazing technologies are the key to the freedom I desire.

    So please, take a second and register you and your family for the 32nd annual Nordstrom Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes on May 18th. And if you can’t be there with your running shoes on then please make a simple donation which will make an immense impact.

    If giving a teenage her freedom back isn’t enough of an incentive to come out then here are two more. 1.) You can brag to all of your friends that you have walked on the new Husky football field, which is where the race finishes. And 2.) As always you get to come over to the Malone’s house for Brunch (Yes, even if you don’t run it you can come…)

    So, remember that new years resolution and dust of the running shoes and chase freedom.




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