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I'm participating in Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes!

We can turn Type 1 into Type None!

    Hi - I'm Lukas, and I'm going to run in Beat the Bridge!

    I don't remember, but almost five years ago I got really sick. Now I know it's because my body was attacking itself. I went into the hospital, where the doctors told us I had Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). I have to make sure I get insulin every day. Too much, and my blood sugar goes low. Not enough, and my blood sugar goes high. How much I need changes all the time; it's not easy getting it right.

    I don't remember how it is not to have diabetes, but I want scientists to fix it. 

    Money from Beat the Bridge has already helped me and my family. JDRF helped scientists make my "Dex" blood sugar monitor. It sounds alarms for high and low blood sugar and helps keep me safe at school and at night. Now scientists want my "Dex" to talk to my insulin pump and keep my blood sugar more normal, and they're working on replacing the broken part of my pancreas!

    Thank you so much for helping turn Type 1 into Type None!

    Many hugs - Lukas


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