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Beat the Bridge! Please help!

Hi everyone!

So, I'm Miriam. Miriam the bookworm, Miriam the nature lover, Miriam the tall kid. A lot of people know me as those things. But what a lot of people don't know is that I am Miriam, the Type 1 Diabetic. Since 1st grade. That means for 6 years, I have dealt with diabetes every day. Let me tell you something about that. DIABETES SUCKS! And all over the world, people like me have to live with it. Every day. Juvenile Diabetes Reasearch Foundation (JDRF), is an organization that works diligently to find a cure for type 1 diabetes, and Beat The Bridge is an anual walk that raises money for a cure through JDRF. I am asking you to please either donate to my team, The Pump Pack, or join The Pump Pack and fundraise on your own. You can do this by finding the buttons on this screen that say donate and join, and click them, and follow the instructions on how to donate/join. Thanks for helping out! And for those those that have helped out, thanks to you to. You have helped move us toward our goal of $3000 for JDRF. We are making great progress here.

Miriam Silkes




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