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I'm participating in Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes!

Team Vulcan! 2010

    Hello friends and family. It is that time of year again. Yes, time does indeed fly by.

    As I approach the end of my final year of six years on the Board of the NW Chapter of JDRF I find myself reflecting on what it means to have Type I Diabetes. Many, if not most of you know about the uncountable number of insulin injections, finger pokes for blood sugar testing, suffering through low and high glucose levels and constant concern for possible complications.  In short, this disease is hard on those of us who have it. No doubt about it. But what many don't consider is what an impact it has on entire families. This never entered my mind when I was first diagnosed 44 years ago.

    Most of the JDRF board members are parents of recently diagnosed children. Like most parents, they express the typical concerns we all share for things that are simple and matter of fact when it comes to raising children and letting go just a little bit. But when parents have a child with Type 1, everything is a concern. Waking up in the middle of the night to check a child's blood sugar - not every third or fourth night - every  night; fighting schools to assure the child has someone on campus that knows something about the disease; fearing or not allowing a child to do sleepovers, birthday parties, overnight camps and sports because it can upset an already fragile routine for good control. The disease can become all-consuming, especially for families that have no prior knowledge of it.

    If there are siblings, there is guilt over spending an unequal amount of time with the children, spending extra time and effort focusing on the wellbeing of the child with diabetes because of the demands of Type 1, but at the expense of the other children. Many don't know that it affects the entire family dramatically. There are no minutes off, no hours off nor days off from Type 1.

    With your help my dream is that the day will arrive when there are minutes, hours and days off. Please, let’s find a way to give those with Type 1, and their families, a lifetime off.

    My thanks again for your annual support for this cause.

    Much love to you all,




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