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Team Cass and Zack!

2011 BTB

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You SO much to those who have donated to our efforts to raise money for diabetes research and for those who have joined Team Cassidy and then Team Cass and Zack in prior years.  It is that time once again.  We would LOVE for you to join us on May 20th, 2012 for the 30th Anniversary of JDRF's Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes.  The more the merrier!  We expect the weather to be great this year! :-)

    We pray and hope that there will be a cure for Type 1 Diabetes during our kids? lifetimes.  We apologize to have to ask year after year for your support?.  It's something that's not easy for us to do, but it's something that is so important to us and many others, so thank you.

    January 23, 2012 was the 90th anniversary of the first type 1 diabetic getting a shot of insulin.  Someone asked me, ?What did they do before that??  My somewhat flippant answer was, ?They died.?  Maybe flippant, but unfortunately, true.  Typically people would pretty much go on a starvation diet, and eventually die, sometimes within weeks of diagnosis.  This really puts it in perspective -- 90 years ago isn?t that long?.if my grandma were still alive, she?d be 92.  We are so grateful for the diabetes management that exists, and it exists due to fundraising and donations to research through JDRF, but it isn?t a cure. 

    Consider these stats:  Cassidy was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on February 28, 2008, when she was four years old.  Zachary was diagnosed on November 12, 2010, when he was 12 years old.  Since February 28, 2008, Cassidy (and then Zachary) have poked their fingers and drawn blood 14,336 times.  They?ve had to get insulin pump site changes (big needle stuck in bum or tummy, etc?) 803 times (which incidentally means Steve or Julie going through this procedure generally every other day), prior to the pumps and during emergencies since the pumps, we?ve given them 688 shots, they?ve had to count carbohydrates every single time they eat, so including meals and snacks, that?s been about 35,000 times.  Steve or Julie gets up in the middle of the night about 60% of the time to check blood sugars.  (and here we thought we?d be done with interrupted sleep once we were out of the baby stage!)  So far, we?ve only had to have the kids take one test over again at school due to blood sugar levels that made it impossible for them to concentrate, but we?re counting on this occurring more. :-(  Diabetes impacts everything the family does.  On top of the normal parent-children conflicts that come with raising kids, we have a constant battle ?Did you test your blood?  Why are you eating that before getting insulin?  What was your score?  Why are you eating that when you know your blood sugar was high?  How many carbs is that?  What did you eat?  Did you forget to get your insulin?  No, you can?t eat that -- only zero carb food until your blood sugar is better.  Do you have your diabetes bag with you??  And so on and so on.

    Diabetes management permeates through our lives in everything we do.  We are grateful for the management tools and medicines that are in place, as the alternative of not having our kids is unbearable to think about.  It?s still a struggle.  It?s still a worry about what diabetes is doing to their bodies long term -- will they lose their eyesight, will they have kidney problems, will they have to have limbs amputated?  We?re doing everything we can to try to keep their blood sugar in check (often against the wills of strong-willed children exposed to sugar at every turn, at every event) in hopes that they won?t have long term side-effects.  And we pray and beg for a cure within their lifetimes.  Please donate, and thank you for your continued friendship and support and donations.  We appreciate all of your support more than you?ll ever know.


    Cassidy, Zachary, Emily, Julie and Steve


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