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Help me Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes!

    This is Team Wiil's 13th year!  We have seen diabetes management change so much since I was diagnosed over 12 years ago. Glucose meters now only take 5 seconds where they used to take 30 seconds, insulins are faster and longer lasting, continuous glucose meters which read your blood sugar several times an hour didn't even exist. All of these things have been made possible with research that Team Will and your donations have helped fund!

    I've been living with type 1 diabetes since 2001 and even though I don't remember life without diabetes I sure can imagine what it must be like.  There would be no finger pokes, no counting carbohydrates and trying to calculate my food intake and exercise, no high or low blood sugars that would keep me home from school or out of a sports game, no alarms reminding me to test my blood sugar, no insulin pump in my pocket 24/7.  Most of all there would be no more worrying what this disease is doing to me and wondering  if I will develop any of the complications that can come with diabetes.   I don't like the idea of kidney disease, stroke or blindness and I'm trying my best to make sure those never happen to me.

    Our family is participating in Beat The Bridge benefitting JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) as Team Will for our 13th year.  This year's event is on Sunday, May 18th I hope that you'll join us by making a donation, every donation helps.  If your company provides matching funds for donations just send me the necessary form and I'll turn it in to JDRF for you.  If the matching is done online let me know so I can note that on my total and let JDRF know. 

    Thank you for your support!



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