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Support Your Friend with Type 1 Diabetes: ME! JEFF MOORS!

Good Times in Cabo - 2012 Fall Wedding

    Family and Friends,

    I hope this message finds everyone in great spirits and with life in full swing!

    First and foremost, thank you to those individuals (you know who you are) who have supported me the last couple of years as I walk with thousands of others to help find a cure for T1D (Type 1 Diabetes).

    This year will mark 30 years I have lived with the disease.  I've had my ups and downs along the way, but who hasn't?  I would much rather be the one taking on the disease than any of you who are reading this.  I consider myself the luckiest man in the world as I'm surrounded with support and love everyday of my life...

    I want to take a moment to personally thank some important people to me...

    My wife, Heidi, who has to put up with me 24/7 - I couldn't ask for a better person to share my life with.  To many more years :)

    My parents, Dean and Brenda Moors.  Two of the most inspirational, caring and loving people I know.  Thank you for everything you have done for me...I can't thank you enough.

    My Sister, Julie Runcie.  You have the biggest heart of anyone I know.  Pooher, your're a great Mother and friend, and even more so, an amazing sister.

    To my grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and every family member out there.  Thank you for all of the great memories we've created over the years.  I look forward to sharing more priceless memories with all of you now and in the future...you always have a place to stay at in Seattle (hint hint!). :)

    To my friends.  Thank you for great conversations in Nebraska, Boston, Minnesota, Colorado, Chicago, Cali, Texas, Washington, Cabo...you get it.  Thank you for all of the great times we've had together, and even more so thank you for being a friend, mentor and an inspiration to me.   

    With that, this will be the final year I ask my family and friends to support me financially for Beat the Bridge.  I have some new adventures I want to take on, both personally and professionally.  I'm sure you will all hear about them sooner than later.  This doesn't mean I won't walk/jog every year, as I will always be in support of finding a cure for T1D...and you're always welcome to join me :)

    So, I ask you one final time...please support me with a gift that might, just might, turn into a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

    You can donate online: Blue "Donate" button above -OR-

    Send a check to:

    Jeff Moors (Make Payable to JDRF)

    14100 107th Ave NE

    Kirkland, WA 98034

    **To maximize dollars raised for T1D check to see if your company will match your donation!

    Have an amazing spring and an even better summer!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


    Jeff Moors



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