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I'm participating in Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes!

    Hello All,

    As many of you know that last my younger brother Riley was diagnosed with T1D. As I watched my 14 year brother lay in the hospital bed in the PICU at Doernbecher Hospital, I knew his and my familys life would change dramatically. All I saw was this teenage boy that had lived this active and healthy lifestyle and didnt understand why this was happening to him. Within the weeks leading up to being diagnosed with T1D, I watched his body get fragile and weaken. As we learned that he was Type 1 Diabetic we knew that we had to be strong as a family for him. He can still be carefree but only to an extent. He has to consistently be watching his blood sugar level and he has to give himself shots everyday of insulin to make sure his body wont go into shock, something I dont think I could ever do. Over the last year I have seen him grow into an amzing, loving and stronger person becuase of T1D, it may have changed the way he lived but it only made him a better friend, son and brother. Im doing this for my brother and others like him.

    Over the last four years that I have been with Nordstrom I have always donated to the cause but never really had an emotional attachment to it, now I do. I see what my brother has to go through each and everyday. This year I would love to have the support from my friends and family in donating to this cause that now has affected me in a bigger way then I thought it ever would. As a proud employee of Nordstrom, I happy to say that Nordstrom founded this event 32 years ago and has been leading the fundraising events nationally for JDRF. Every dollar makes a difference and I would appreciate anything that you can contribute.

    Thank you so much!



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