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I'm participating in Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes!

My husband, Jason (aka "The Lancet Liberator"), has far greater aptitude when it comes to fundraising. I encourage you to follow him on Facebook and Twitter. His posts will make you laugh while also increasing your awareness of Type I diabetes, a disease that is all to real to us as one of our 5 year old twins Owen unfortunately has to live with this condiition daily.

Please consider following Jason "the Lancet Liberator" and Owen "The Little Liberator" via the following: 

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/lancetliberator

Twitter page: http://www.twitter.com/lancetliberator

As a computer Luddite, this will be far less technologically savvy and much more brief, but it comes straight from the heart. Bottom line, I am participating so that future moms don't have to have their heart ache like mine does when you see the regular impact this disease can have on a child.  Owen is amazingly resilient yet even he has his bad days. I look forward to the day when a Mom doesn't have to struggle for a response, like I have, when their child looks at them, with tears in their eyes, and asks when "their diabetes will be done". I look forward to a day when diabetes care at school, at camps, and on playdates is no longer a concern- where kids can simply be kids and their famillies don't have to angst or tirelessly advocate to keep them safe and healthy when out of their parents sight- because let's be honest, they deserve to not have us trailing behind them...   

Thank you for any donation you can provide. No donation is too small. Truly. Please also consider joining us on race day. As many of you know, I developed Guillain Barre this winter and started the new year in quite a state- requiring a walker to simply move a few steps and with speech that sounded like I had had 1 too many drinks to celebrate the new year.  After hours of rehab/PT the Beat the Bridge "race" (or walk this year...) became a goal. If I can rally can you? 

My heartfelt thanks in advance for any support you can provide.


Fondly, Jess and family 




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