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I'm joining my friends at Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes!

Hey Friends and Fam!

A few weeks ago, my friend Ed urged me to get off my bum and join him and other friends in the annual Beat the Bridge fundraiser here in Seattle to help beat Diabetes. Those of you who may know Ed, know he's lived with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) since being a kid, and has been a terrific inspiration in fully embracing life, using his talents, and being an all-around great guy despite the daily mindfulness and significant effort managing T1D takes.

That said, I'm joining Ed and other friends at this year's 32nd Annual Beat the Bridge Run (or walk!) on May 18 to raise funds that go to help JDRF advance its strategic research plan to end T1D.

T1D is a life-threatening autoimmune disease in which a person’s pancreas stops producing insulin, which the body needs to get energy from food. Managing the disease requires constant carbohydrate counting, blood-glucose testing, and lifelong dependence on insulin. With T1D there are no days off, and there is no cure.

I'm really hoping you can help support the Island Ponies (that's our team!) efforts on May 18. Your gift, even a if it's a small one, will make a difference for many people affected by Type-1 Diabetes. Seriously, $5?, $10?, maybe a bit more? -- Any little bit helps me meet my goal. And you'll get a virtual hug from me. :)

Muchas gracias for your support! -Kurt


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