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We will turn Type One into Type None

Free Sisyphus Rocks!
Free Sisyphus Rocks!

Welcome to our team page for the 32nd Annual Nordstrom Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes!

Free Sisyphus was born in 2007 in response to our son Sam Holman's type 1 diabetes diagnosis.  Little did we know our team of 7 (Holman's plus Highberger's) would grow into a team of 115 in 2013.  In 2007, we had one child on our team with diabetes.  In 2014 we will have four children with diabetes on our team, all from our own community. We need your help more than ever.  

Beat the Bridge raises money and awareness for type 1 diabetes research through an organization called JDRF. JDRF is the  largest charitable supporter of research focused on type 1 diabetes (T1D) research.  They have awarded more than $1.6 billion to research and maintained a high rate of fundraising efficiency - more than 80 percent of their expenditures directly support T1D research and research-related education.

JDRF has improved the quality of Sam's life, no question. They will continue to do so, no question.

After nearly 8 years of fundraising for JDRF, we continue to be humbled by the support of friends, family, and community.  We are grateful to Nordstrom and Beat the Bridge for providing the opportunity to bring together family, friends, and community for a spirited morning of group exercise in one of the most beautiful places on earth. 

Why the name "Free Sisyphus"? In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was a man cursed to push a boulder up a mountain, watch it roll down, then push it up again, watch it roll down again, and so on........ for infinity.  We feel like Sisyphus. We begin each day with a to-do list that's as long as Sam is tall.  This to-do list must be actively managed and our list changes accordingly as the day goes on.  At the end of the day, there is no celebration or high-fives, because the fight isn't over.  Each morning, the to-do list repeats itself.  It's a 24/7 mind-numbing mental purgatory that we can never take a break from.  We are Sisyphus, and we would like some freedom!

Please join our team! And if you can't join us, please support us with a donation!  Thank you, everyone!

Free Sisyphus Raised
Personal Gift Rena Holman $1,001.00
Preston Holman $0.00
Calvin Acker $0.00
Personal Gift Dave Acker $400.00
Wendy Bagnato $0.00
Personal Gift Jaden Batara $110.00
Joanie Block $0.00
Lauren Block $0.00
Personal Gift Jill Brady $700.00
Leslie Brooks $0.00
Angela Burke $0.00
Corey Coffman $0.00
Kristopher Coffman $0.00
Maggie Coffman $0.00
Personal Gift Sophie Corbin $340.00
Henry Dahlin $0.00
Jeff Dahlin $0.00
Nicola Dahlin $0.00
Sam Dahlin $0.00
Personal Gift Isabelle Darling $30.00
Lauren Day $0.00
Personal Gift Beth Donnelly $25.00
Jeanne Emrich $0.00
Personal Gift Jennifer Emrich $50.00
Personal Gift Jenny Farnam $25.00
Matthew Farnam $0.00
Allison Fisher $800.00
Annika Fisher $309.00
Elliot Fisher $0.00
Ethan Fisher $0.00
Personal Gift Forrest Fisher $310.00
Krista Fisher $230.00
Max Fisher $430.00
Scott Fisher $0.00
Sydney Fisher $950.00
Enrique Garcia $0.00
Joshua Gray $0.00
Personal Gift Randy Grover $100.00
Michele Hausman $0.00
Brian Highberger $0.00
Colette Highberger $0.00
Doug Holman $0.00
Paige Holman $0.00
Sam Holman $2,760.00
Lauren Hyde $0.00
Lynn Hyde $0.00
Personal Gift Aidan James $100.00
Eric Jean $0.00
Personal Gift Matthew Kosh $60.00
Daniel Linville $0.00
Lisa Linville $0.00
Lucas Linville $25.00
Thomas Linville $0.00
Andrea Little $0.00
Andrea Little $0.00
Amy Luu $0.00
Erik Luu $0.00
Jenyung Luu $0.00
Personal Gift Reed Lyon $200.00
Gavin McFarlane $0.00
Personal Gift Paul Meyer $200.00
Personal Gift Claire Noriega $1,055.00
Maggie Noriega $0.00
Personal Gift Aric Prieve $50.00
John Prieve $0.00
Mary Prieve $0.00
Cynthia Raecker $110.00
Jeffrey Raecker $60.00
Kendall Raecker $0.00
Michael And Lana Rhodes $0.00
Personal Gift Kevin Rodgers $130.00
Derek Sanden $0.00
Isabel Sanden $0.00
Kate Sanden $0.00
Max Sanden $0.00
Sammy Seliga $300.00
Steve Seliga $0.00
Zane Smiht $500.00
Parker Smith $0.00
Scott Smith $500.00
Grace Stallings $0.00
Personal Gift Jennifer Stallings $250.00
John Stephenson $250.00
Mary Stephenson $0.00
Sheridan Stephenson $0.00
Kelly Stoecker $0.00
Kelly Stoecker $0.00
Logan Stoecker $200.00
Personal Gift Bronsa Swint $245.00
Justin Tamblyn $0.00
Personal Gift Kimberly Tamblyn $250.00
Personal Gift Rachel Thummel $60.00
Amy Thurman $30.00
Andrew Thurman $30.00
Personal Gift Spencer Thurman $250.00
Savanah Van Citters $0.00
Gabe Vogel $50.00
John Vogel $0.00
Kirsten Vogel $0.00
Paul Vogel $0.00
Dona Williams $0.00
Personal Gift Alex Zahajko $360.00
Diane Zevenbergen $0.00
Personal Gift Jason Zevenbergen $100.00
Mike Zevenbergen $0.00
Personal Gift Tami Zimny $85.00
Team Gifts $485.00
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