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We will turn Type One into Type None

The Factoria Medical Center's Team Zane is back!  

A little about the namesake behind our team!

Zane is a happy, funny, loving, smart, goofy 6 year old!  Zane's life was rocked upside down on December 20, 2010 when he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the tender age of 3.

Since Zane has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, he has been made to bleed every time he wants to eat. Made to bleed everytime he gets upset, sad or "tired". He's been injected with a man-made hormone into his body so he will stay alive - morning, noon, night and many times in between. He has his blood sugar checked in the middle of the night EVERY night, sometimes multiple times a night. There has been 3 years of worrying, crying, praying, hugging, comforting. It has been 3 years of adjusting, smiling, loving, learning, living. Three years of interpreting numbers. Three years of kicking ourselves for not paying closer attention in math class in high school (turns out, you really do use that stuff in the real world)! Three years of counting carbs and weighing food down to the gram. Three years of wondering how we will ever be able to do this forever, but three years of knowing that we have no choice and knowing that we can and we WILL. Three years of overcoming something we never thought we could.

In spite of everything he has endured in the last 3 years I am happy to report he is doing WONDERFUL, healthy, thriving, learning and living his life to the fullest.  

He may look healthy on the outside, but inside his immune system that is supposed to attack virus' and bacteria that enter the body instead attacked the insulin-producing beta cells in his pancreas.  Don't let looks fool you; he has a malfunctioning organ inside that needs to desperately needs to be revived!!

Please consider donating to Team Zane and/or joining our team and coming out to walk/run/trot with us on May 18th.  Your support over the years has been overwhelming and our hope is that just because time has gone by since he was diagnosed and it's not so "new" to everyone anymore that your support doesn't dissipate.

Thank You.

Team Zane Raised
Lisa Alexander $0.00
Personal Gift Gerald Alexander $450.00
Isaac Alexander $0.00
Josh Alexander $0.00
Zane Alexander $2,324.00
Personal Gift James Bergman $750.00
Lisa Boysen $0.00
Matthew Boysen $0.00
Personal Gift Christine Brady $100.00
Kaitlyn Brady $0.00
Kelli Christopherson $0.00
Personal Gift Julius Clemente $40.00
Graham Griffin $0.00
Hannah Griffin $0.00
Personal Gift Ruth Hansen $50.00
Tommy Headley $0.00
Emily Heiser $0.00
Bradley Johnson $0.00
Charlie Johnson $0.00
Personal Gift Neimeh and Mohammad Kaddoura $2,000.00
Personal Gift Catherine Lehman $25.00
Belia Morales $0.00
Personal Gift Karena Moser $30.00
Daniel Nilsson $0.00
Lisa Nilsson $60.00
Cerise Noah $0.00
Personal Gift Laura Norton $50.00
Personal Gift Kathy Parry $300.00
MaShayla Ross $0.00
Cindy Taron $0.00
Cori Taron $0.00
Hailey Taron $0.00
Ebony Weber $0.00
Team Gifts $1,198.00
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