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We will turn Type One into Type None

Team Braveheart 2013 - join us this year at the 32nd Annual Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes Run!
Team Braveheart 2013 - join us this year at the 32nd Annual Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes Run!

Hello Friends and Family,

It is the beginning of Spring and time again for Team Braveheart to pull out their running shoes.  The 32nd annual Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes Run is scheduled for Sunday, May 18, and we are getting ready.  We are very fortunate to again have the Business Career Foundation Program participants at Boeing join our team.  Our team has grown from just 2 of us the first year about 5 years ago to 22 runners last year.  We plan to expand our team event this year to include a tailgate party for all the runners after the run.  Last year I let you all know about my move to Texas as a Baylor Bear.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my college experience so far and will be returning for the summer just in time for the Beat the Bridge run!  As many of you are aware I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes eleven years ago, and now wear an insulin pump.  Although I haven’t yet experienced any serious complications from the disease that possibility still exists, particularly as I get older.  The cool thing about JDRF is that not only is their mission to find a cure, but also to prevent it as well as find better ways of treating it.  One of the treatments they are working on is especially interesting to me.  It is called Glucose Responsive Insulin, and its concept is basically a once a day injection of insulin that responds to the rise and fall of blood sugar levels for 24 hours.  I could handle one shot a day, and not being hooked up to my pump 24/7.  Would you consider joining Team Braveheart, either as a participant or a donor?  Every dollar raised for this event goes directly towards research.  Donations can be made online, by visiting www.beatthebridge.org, or by check, made out to JDRF/Beat the Bridge.  


Sic ‘em Bears!



Team Braveheart Raised
Personal Gift Ron Kent $400.00
Personal Gift Thomas Angel $15.00
Olivia Balch $0.00
Personal Gift Steve Balch $85.00
Tracy Balch $100.00
Roda Barket $0.00
Caitlin Bruce $100.00
Personal Gift Jacob Carlson $30.00
Katie Emoto $100.00
Amelia Fenne $0.00
Isabelle Fenne $0.00
Cameron Ford $0.00
James Garnett $100.00
Mia Garnett $0.00
Blake Gooding $100.00
Jeffrey Goong $0.00
Personal Gift Dane Hagensen $20.00
David Hedlund $100.00
Christina Heinlen $0.00
Personal Gift Melanie Henninger $160.00
Sean Kent $1,400.00
Sean Klosterman $100.00
Personal Gift Cory Knittel $185.00
Kathleen Korpela Korpela $0.00
Kristin Leek $0.00
Michael Lombardi $100.00
Camilo Moreno-Salamanca $100.00
Andrew Moss $100.00
Leslie Peng $0.00
Herbert Portillo $100.00
Alison Robinson $100.00
Personal Gift Ryan Rubenstein $200.00
Erin Sullivan $100.00
Jj Swamy $0.00
Jan Wanot $100.00
Personal Gift Justin Zarecor $60.00
Team Gifts $395.00
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Team Honor Roll