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As you all know, I have a beautiful six-year-old daughter named River Kailyn Medlin.  In the fall of last year, she began having potty accidents during the day occasionally.  Her original pediatrician had retired, but we stayed with his partner.  I had mentioned it to him before, but he brushed it off as her not being fully potty trained.  I didn't really believe that, but didn't want to be rude and second guess the doctor. In October, she had two accidents in the same day.  I brought her in thinking she might have a bladder infection.  After a week of not hearing back from the doctor's office, I called.  I was told that the sample for the U/A was "inconclusive".  They didn't seem worried about it, and she hadn't had another accident since then.  Therefore, I assumed it had cleared up on its own.  Anytime we went in for anything, I brought up the daytime potty accident issue.  I kept being told that it was a potty training issue and was sent home with handouts about it.  In January, I got a call that River had an accident and I needed to come to school.  Thankfully, I was already parked outside waiting in the car rider line.  I went in to help her, and her teacher came out of the class to speak with me.  God really blessed us with a wonderful teacher for her first year of school.  She knew what had been going on, and that I was trying get medical help to find out why this was happening.  She always let River go the bathroom whenever she needed because of this.  She said she asked River why she didn't ask to go to the bathroom.  River's response was, "I didn't know I needed to go".  I knew that something wasn't right, and it was not a potty training issue.  I called the doctor's office and asked to speak with the nurse.  I told her what he kept telling me and that I knew something more was going on.  I told her that as River's mother, I wanted to do everything I could to find out what was causing this.  She told me she would check with the doctor to see if he wanted us to come in or see a urologist.  An entire WEEK went by before the doctor called me back.  I was livid!  I didn't even answer or return his call.  That was my cue from God that I needed a new pediatrician.  

Thankfully, River was accepted by Dr. Judice as a new patient.  We scheduled her 6 year check up for March 13, 2014.  We had an 8 o'clock appointment, so I had her dressed in her uniform assuming I was bringing her to school after the appointment.  Boy was I wrong.  After telling Dr. Judice the exact same concerns that I had told the previous doctor numerous times, he gave me a cup to get a sample.  I can still remember the look on the nurse's face when she walked in with the results.  I knew something was very wrong.  Dr. Judice showed me the paper which showed glucose and ketones in the urine.  I still had no idea what this meant.  As he was preparing to check her blood glucose, he told me it usually is consistent with Type 1 Diabetes.  I immediately got hysterical and more scared than I have ever been in my life.  Her blood glucose confirmed his suspicions with a level of 484.  My first question was "did I do this to my child".  He said, "Absolutely not!"  He left the room to call the pediatric endocrinologist.  He returned with an envelope and instructed us to go to the hospital to be admitted.  What was supposed to be a routine check up turned into a nightmare.   We spent 3 days in the hospital being taught how to count carbs, administer/care for insulin, how to treat lows, etc.  I again, asked the dietician if I caused this to happen.  She said, "You didn't cause this any more than I caused my daughter to get a brain tumor."  The next month was the hardest.  

Fast forward to today!  River is doing absolutely amazing.  We are constantly having to make changes to dosages, and have some days that are harder than others.  However, it does not stop us from doing everything we did before.  She still does all the things she did before, we just do it a little differently.  Don't get me wrong...this disease is nothing to make light of.  Type 1 Diabetes is when the pancreas stops producing insulin.  Insulin is what our bodies use to turn our food into energy.  While the exact cause is unknown, it is NOT caused by diet or lack of exercise.  There is nothing you can do to prevent or cure Type 1 as of today.  Please help me raise money to find a cure for my baby and all of the other children living with Type 1 Diabetes.  We would also love for you to join us for the JDRF walk if you can!  Thank you and God bless you!


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October 25, 2014
Check-in: 8:00 AM
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