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I'm the take it to the finish line type.

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Thank you for supporting Team Kiss My Pancreas, and especially my boys!

We've been living with type 1 diabetes since March 12, 2008. That's when our little 4 year old boy, Rhett, was diagnosed. It was the day that forever changed our lives. From that day on we learned how to live a new normal.

That normal looks like this:

Wake up, check sugar. Eat breakfast, count carbohydrates, divide by breakfast insulin ratio, draw up shot, inject. Go on with our day, school, work, etc. Lunchtime, check sugar, eat, count carbohydrates, divide by lunch ratio (which is different than breakfast) draw up insulin, inject. Continue with our day. Afternoon, check sugar, determine if  snack is needed and if so, how many carbohydrates. (Did I mention, NONE of us majored in math!) Exercise, check sugar to make sure it's not dropping too low, too fast. Dinner, check sugar, eat, count carbohydrates, divide by dinner ratio, draw up insulin, inject shot. Bedtime, check sugar, determine if snack or milk is needed to be able to make it through the night without low blood sugars. 2:30am, wake up, check sugar to see if you guessed right at bedtime, adjust if needed. A few hours later, wake up, and start all over.


That sounds exhausting right? Well that's daily, with no break ever. Now multiply that x2. That's our real normal. Robby, our oldest son was diagnosed on May 16, 2011. He was 18 at the time and had just finished his Freshman year at MTSU.


Now, both boys are somewhat "used" to their new normal. Ryan, our middle one, keeps an eye out for symptoms, but tries not to dwell on it. It's a disease that we all live with everyday!


So, this is why I want to say thank you for being on this page! Your support is like life support for us. We dream of a day when there's a cure, and with your help, we believe that is possible!


So again thank you!!

Deborah Stanley 


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