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There is a reason that this year I am the Team Captain.

Last July our lives changed forever. My 7 year old son Danny was diagnosed with Type 1. For about a week, he was simply very thirsty. At first this didn’t seem strange given the 100 degree heat wave. But a mother’s instinct told me something wasn’t right. I took Danny to our pediatrician. We were rushed to Albany Medical Hospital – where we stayed for 4 days. It was the scariest time of my life, and continues to be. Let me be clear – Type 1 Diabetes is life threatening – every day. Type 1 is very different than Type 2. Only 5% of people in the world with diabetes have Type 1. Type 1 is not related to diet or exercise. It is an auto immune disease. Danny’s body attacked itself – and no doctor knows why. His pancreas no longer produces insulin. If you are like I was, you have barely heard of a pancreas or insulin. Apparently, it’s critical. Our body gets the energy it needs from sugars in carbohydrates. Insulin delivers the sugar to the brain and muscles of the body. Danny needs insulin injected into his body to live – every time he eats. His insulin intake is a constant balancing act. Without insulin, sugar builds up in the blood and causes diabetic shock and if he receives too much insulin, or races around like most 7 year old boys do, he can have a sugar low and die within a half an hour. It’s pretty scary. For the first five months Danny received insulin shots up to 8 times per day. Due to amazing technology, Danny is now bionic – he has an insulin pump attached to his body. The pump does not remove the constant exhausting management of the disease. JDRF researchers are developing better, smarter technology so my son can live a long normal life, and hopefully find a Cure.

Please show your support, walk with us and help TURN TYPE ONE INTO TYPE NONE.

Thank you!

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Date and time

May 4, 2014
Registration: 9:30 AM
Starts: 11:00 AM
Length of walk: 3 miles


University at Albany
1400 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12222



Karen Patterson

(518) 477-2873

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