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A reminder of why we walk.  Sometimes, even Tom and I need to step back and remember why we walk.  Of course we walk for a cure, but what does that mean?  Leah is so compliant and so reponsible, sometimes we forget the battle she is fighting everyday.

This is why we walk... Leah was diagnosed with diabetes at age 2.  She does not know life without this disease.  She does not know life eating what she wants, when she wants.  She does not know life without needles, insulin, and counting her food.  Imagine back to  when you were a kid and having to carry this burden.  Our hope, as her parents, is that one day this burden will be lifted and Leah can enjoy the little freedoms we often take for granted. Freedom to eat what she wants, freedom to eat when she wants, freedom from needles, meters, and pumps.  That's why we walk, for a cure!

This year, we will be taking part in JDRF's Walk to Cure Diabetes in Bemus Point.

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Date and time

May 31, 2014
Registration: 10:00 AM
Starts: 11:00 AM
Length of walk: 1 mile


Village Casino, Bemus Point
1 Lakeside Dr.
Bemus, NY 14712



Ashley White
(716) 833-2873

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