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I'm participating in the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes!

This is my son Kyle. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) over seven years ago. Since that day in June 2007, he has endured more pokes, either shots of insulin or finger sticks to check his blood sugar, than any person should have to endure. Imagine "poking" yourself 7 to 10 times a day. THIS IS LIFE for all people diagnosed with T1D. As a person with T1D, counting carbs, taking into consideration activity levels throughout the day and stress levels are constantly on your mind.

Kyle is one of over 3 million people in the United States living with T1D. Each year approximately 80 people per day are diagnosed with T1D in the United States. JDRF-funded research encompasses T1D at every life-stage: stopping its progression in people who are newly diagnosed; reversing it in those who have lived with the disease for years; avoiding or reversing complications; and preventing the disease in people at risk and for future generations. Your dollars are helping to find a cure!

Now more than ever, you can make a crucial difference. Won't you please give to JDRF as generously as possible? Together, we can make the cure a reality. IMAGINE "poking" yourself 7 to 10 times a day. IMAGINE A CURE!!!

We will be walking in the Madison JDRF Walk To Cure Diabetes on September 21, 2014. If you are interested, please do whatever you can, join our team, fundraise, or make a donation on Kyle's behalf.   However you choose to help, we are so grateful! All of those who live with T1D 24/7/365 are thankful for your support and help in their lives!


Date and time

September 21, 2014
Check-in: 11:00 AM
Starts: 12:00 PM
Length of walk: 1.5 Miles


Warner Park
2930 N. Sherman Ave.
Madison, WI 53704



Elizabeth Meland
Email | (608) 833-2873

Western Wisconsin Chapter
434 S. Yellowstone Drive
Suite 201
Madison, WI 53719