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Putting an end to T1D, one step at a time

Beisser Lumber and Kenley's Crew are teaming up again this year to "Bring the Wood" against type 1 diabetes! We were overwhelmed with all the support we received from Beisser Lumber, and our friends and family last year and are very thankful to everyone! We hope we can make another large donation to the JDRF because there is absolutely nothing we want more than to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes!


Kenley was diagnosed with Type 1 when she was 4 years old, so it has almost been 3 years since her whole world changed. We have had so many ups and downs in those 3 years but the one thing we continue to tell her is that have diabetes makes her such a strong little girl! She truly is Type 1 of a kind! We feel so blessed to be able to have the life saving technology that we have for her and would sell anything and everything we had so she could haver her Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM). This device checks Kenley's blood sugar every 5 minutes and sends its result to a transmitter. That transmitter when paired to the internet sends the blood sugar reading to our cell phones. It sounds an alert whenever she is high or low so we can adjust accordingly. Since Kenley is so young she still doesn't necessarily recognize her highs and lows BUT she does know the sounds of the CGM and if she hears the low tone she knows she needs to get some sugar in her! This has helped us give her a little more independence during her busy schedule of dance classes, faith class, and of course play dates with her friends!

Kenley is still using an insulin pump for her daily injections, but we just learned recently that she will have to switch to a new type of pump soon because her current brand will no longer be made. That has brought some anxiety to Kenley because when it comes to her diabetic life change can be really difficult and scary for her. We are confident that she will take the change head on with strength like she always does! 

Kenley continues to show us every single day her strength and determination and we all admire her for that! Her personality is 1 of a kind and everyone that knows her just loves her so much, she just has something special about her! Plus you can't ignore her beautiful big brown eyes!  


Anything you can do to help "bring the wood" against diabetes would be greatly appreciated! Joining the team doesn't mean you have to be there on walk day, you can be a virtual walker and just show your support! Thank you so much for supporting this Type 1 of a kind girl!!



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Date and time

May 12, 2018
Check-in: 8:00 AM
Starts: 10:00 AM
Length of walk: 1 Mile


Iowa State Fair Grounds
3000 East Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50317



Kara Van Nordstrand
Email | (515) 802-3220

Greater Iowa Chapter
2704 Fleur Drive
Suite A
Des Moines, IA 50321