JDRF One Walk Boston Important Day of Details
Saturday, September 30, 2017

Please read the following thoroughly before Walk day to ensure an easy arrival at the DCR Hatch Shell. For questions or more information please contact the New England Chapter at bostonwalk@jdrf.org.       

Before the Walk

  • We HIGHLY encourage all Walkers to pre-register online.  Not only does this make Check-In go more smoothly, it allows you to get to the fun and not wait in line.
  • Turning in funds earlier is another great way to ensure a speedy check-in process on Walk Day.  You can mail in gifts to the JDRF office before and after the Walk to 60 Walnut Street, Wellesley Hills, MA 02481.  Be sure to read the enclosed Walk Donation Tips Sheet below.  
  • The Walk Day Bag Policy will be strongly enforced by police.  No bags can be left at the DCR Hatch Shell while you are on the Walk route.  Please be prepared by only bringing bags you can walk with (small backpacks, cross-body purses, fanny packs, etc.).

Walk Day Schedule

9:30 a.m.     Check-In Opens
10 a.m.        Welcome Remarks
10:30 a.m.   Walk Starts
11:30 a.m.   Light Refreshments Served and Entertainment

When You Arrive
All teams and individual walkers are to proceed to the Check-In Area upon arrival.  Please view the site and route map to get acquainted with the site.

  • V1P Check-In:  If you have personally raised more than $1,000, you are a V1P and there will be a designated Check-In line just for you!
  • General Check-In:  If you have pre-registered online and have gifts to turn in, donations should be counted and sealed in a completed Walker Collection Envelope.  Please be sure to clearly write an accurate total of money contained in the envelope on the front of the envelope. Every walker turning in funds should turn in their own separate envelope—this helps us make sure the proper walker is credited.  Walker Collection Envelopes will be available at the Registration Tables near the Check-In Tent.  See below for an example of how to properly fill out your envelope.
  • Unregistered Walkers:  We would like to collect basic information for everyone attending JDRF One Walk.  If you or members of your team have not registered, please proceed to one of our Registration Tables.
  • If you are turning in donations, please clearly write on the outside of the envelope the total amount enclosed and proceed to Check-In.  If you have no money to turn in, please hand your completed envelope to a volunteer greeter. 
  • T-Shirt Tickets:  Did you personally raise $100 or more for JDRF?  Be sure to get a t-shirt ticket at Check-In and pick up your shirt at the T-Shirt Tent.

Food and Refreshments

  • While we provide as many refreshments as possible, please understand that we have a limited quantity of food and beverage available and we are not able to meet all dietary needs.  Additionally, many of our longstanding in-kind partners have chosen to exclusively support hurricane relief efforts this year.  In order for you to fully enjoy the activities of the day, we ask that you please come prepared with your own water bottles and snacks for low blood sugar treatment. 
  • Please be sure to thank the Boston 25 team who will be joining us at Water Stop #1.

Walk Route
Our Walk Route will follow the Boston side of the Charles River Esplanade and we will be offering a shorter Family Friendly route option as well.  Please see the enclosed route map for details and remember to follow the JDRF signs.  Volunteers will also be in place to help you navigate. 

Entertainment and Activities

  • Sponsor Tents and Vendor Tables will be open before and after the Walk.  Be sure to stop by the Insulet/Omnipod tent to meet Toby the Turtle™!  
  • The Activities Tent will be up and running in the morning with face painting, temporary tattoos, and JDRF One Walk eye black.  Take a photo and then post it on your favorite social media site using #JDRFOneWalk #Boston.  
  • NEW this year!  Check out the Boston Red Sox Showcase—an interactive mobile experience that includes Red Sox jerseys, pitching station, and a steal 2nd challenge.
  • Visit our New Family, JDRF Information, and Advocacy Tent to learn more about JDRF, our research efforts, and how you can become involved locally.  
  • If this is your first Walk, be sure to pick up your New Family Drawstring Backpack!  Head Scarves for our T1D Walkers are also available in this tent.  These are microfiber, multifunctional, and made of stretchable material that allows the scarf to be worn in a variety of ways. 
  • For our V1Ps, you and a guest are invited to the V1P Tent for a special giveaway.
  • Walk Day music will be provided by DJ Danny T! 

Walker Collection Envelope Instructions

  • If you have Walk gifts to turn in, donations should be counted and sealed in a completed Walker Collection Envelope (sample below).  An accurate total of money contained in the envelope must be clearly written on the outside of the envelope.  Every Walker turning in funds should turn in their own separate envelope.  It is extremely important that Walker Collection Envelopes are filled out completely and accurately.  
  • Collection Envelopes will be available at the Registration Tables near the Check-In Tent.    

    Please be sure to complete the following information on your Walker Collection Envelope:

o    A. Complete Walker Contact Information and Team Name
o    B. Amount Enclosed
o    C. Waiver Signature

Important Information Pertaining to Cash/Check Walk Donations

  • Cash and checks that have not been received by JDRF prior to Walk Day, but have been entered into your Participant Center, will temporarily disappear from your Participant Center and fundraising piggy bank on Monday, October 2 to avoid us counting them twice.
  • Immediately following the Walk we’ll begin entering all money turned in on Walk Day and expect to be finished within four weeks.  Once complete, the donations you turned in on Walk Day will appear on your fundraising page as confirmed donations.

Walk Donation Tips

  • Encourage your donors to visit your personal or team page to make a gift online.
  • Don’t hold onto your Walk donations until Walk Day! Send checks or money orders—no cash, please—to JDRF at 60 Walnut Street, Wellesley Hills, MA 02481.
  • Download a Walker Collection Form from your Participant Center to track the gifts you are submitting.
  • Write the team name and walker name on each check and/or money order you turn in. This helps ensure all Walk donations are posted to the correct team and/or walker.
  • Convert your cash into a more secure check or money order before turning it in.
  • We are required by the IRS to send an acknowledgement letter for gifts of $250 and above; we need the donor’s address to do so. For checks under $250, their cancelled check is their receipt.
  • If the donor address is absent, the acknowledgement letter will be sent in care of the walker or team captain so you may forward it on to the donor.

Incentive Prizes and Awards

  • If you raise $250 or more you will qualify for our fundraising rewards program featuring a variety of branded JDRF items at each giving level. All qualified participants will receive a gift catalog following the Walk.
  • If you do not wish to receive a catalog, please log in to your Participant Center to opt out of the fundraising rewards program.  
  • Please note: Any funds submitted within four weeks after Walk Day are included in qualifying totals for individual fundraising awards. Of course, funds raised after this date will help us to increase the amount of money we are able to direct toward research that will bring us closer to a world without type 1 diabetes. Kindly note, team totals and general team donations are not applied to the incentive program.   

 Top 10 Team Tents

  • Walk Team Tents will be awarded to the Top 10 Fundraising Teams. The 10 teams who have raised the most funds as of Wednesday, September 27 at noon will be selected for this honor.  Please note: Only gifts that are accounted for in your online Walk Participant Center will be included in your fundraising total.  If you have outstanding checks or cash, make sure to enter them as Unconfirmed Gifts in your Participant Center before this date.  And, be sure to bring those gifts with you on Walk Day or mail them to the office.   
  • Team Tents are to be used as a meeting or gathering place for Walk teams. They can be decorated and you can serve food.
  • Team Tents will not be guarded while walkers are on the route.  No items are to be left at or inside Team Tents.

Walk Day Policies
In order to promote a safe and fun event designed to raise funds for JDRF and comply with the state’s requirements for our use of this public space, the New England Chapter has developed the following policy.

Without specific approval of the New England Chapter office, JDRF walkers and other attendees of the event cannot:

  • Solicit additional funds for Walk Teams through the sale of items, such as bracelets, etc.
  • Distribute information from a diabetes or other corporate vendor.  No independent vendors or clubs can utilize Team Tents or Tables for soliciting purposes.
  • Collect names, emails or mailing information from any JDRF walkers outside of collecting funds for the Walk.
  • Drive on the DCR Hatch Shell circle during Walk Day.
  • Make use of tents/tables that have not been designated as your team’s tent/table.

For Directions and Parking Information view our complete JDRF One Walk Boston pre-Walk information packet.

Thanks to your continued support, JDRF is the most influential private funder of T1D research in the world and has invested more than $2 billion in T1D research funding.  In fact, for every $1 given to JDRF locally, $2.55 comes back to Massachusetts in local research grants.  JDRF is a significant contributor to the greater Boston economy, sponsoring $40 million in active research grants awarded to 47 projects in the Boston area.  To learn more about the impact your efforts are making on T1D research, visit www.jdrf.org/research.

We cannot wait to see you on September 30!

If you have any questions, please contact the JDRF New England Chapter at 781-431-0700 or bostonwalk@jdrf.org.