JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes, Saratoga 2014

Team List


Teams registered for JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes, Saratoga 2014


Captain: Barbara Arnold

1 team member  

Chasing A Cure 

Captain: Lauren Matter

16 team members  

Delta Tau Delta 

Captain: Tim Allen

24 team members  

Doug Sherman 

Captain: Douglas Sherman

1 team member  

Ethan's team 

Captain: Suzanne Griffis

6 team members  

Griffin's Testers 

Captain: Ashley Culbertson

9 team members  

Hepp & Co. to Find a Cure 

Captain: Patricia Hepp-Miller

3 team members  


Captain: Jason Laz

1 team member  

Joshua's Minions 

Captain: Joyce Ure

1 team member  

Julianna's Purple Pumpers 

Captain: Julianna Britton

14 team members  

Madi's Mob 

Captain: Rachel Marer

3 team members  

Maria's Muskateers 

Captain: Maria Carzo

1 team member  

Patrick's Patrol 

Captain: Patricia Cirillo

4 team members  

Siewert Family 

Captain: Morgan Siewert

1 team member  

Skidmore College 

Captain: Madison Plummer

6 team members  

Strides for Sophie 

Captain: Brian Reed

3 team members  

Sugar Shakers 

Captain: Michele Ogniewski

12 team members  

Team Charlie 

Captain: Liz Greer

3 team members  

Team Danny - Smash T1D 

Captain: Karen Larkin

15 team members  

Team DW 

Captain: Denise Weekes

6 team members  

Team Kayla G. 

Captain: Kaitlin Chapman

1 team member  

Team Smiley Nick 

Captain: Samantha Stevens

7 team members  

Team Weitz 

Captain: Debra Weitz

16 team members  

Visco Boys 

Captain: Peter Visco

1 team member  

What Be Your A #1 C 

Captain: Scott Davenport

3 team members  

Why aren't we funding this? 

Captain: Jacquelyn McConkey

4 team members