Join me in the fight to turn Type One into Type None!

In 2016, Ian and I celebrated our engagment by running the Disney Half Marathon with Team JDRF.  At the beginning of 2017, running the Disney Marathon with Team JDRF was part of our newlywed honeymoon tour.  Our celebration this year is a different sort: we are celebrating the advances made in the journey to turn Type One into Type None, and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's commitement to realizing that dream.

There is hope and positivity to focus on for my brother Turner, my five cousins, and the millions of others worldwide living with type one diabetes.  Insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors, and most recently the closed loop system have improved basic safety in the T1D community, as tigher control through technology minimizes the risk of seizures and death by hypoglycemia in the short term and improves A1Cs to mitigate the risk of long term complications.  A normal ife was not even possible when my cousins were first diagnosed with T1D forty years ago.  Thanks to the more than $2 billion JDRF has given directly to championing T1D advancements, my family members are running marathons, having children, studying and traveling abroad, and most simply and notably, gliding gracefully into old age.

Yet there are the days and moments when I am struck by just how far we are from the finish line.  When a failed pump site lands my great aunt in the hospital at our wedding, when loss of refigeration in hurricane zones becomes a life & death situation, or even when Turner misses an evening Flywheel class because his blood sugar is too out of whack to go (guys, those cancellation policies are ruthless).  When I hold my breath every time we wait for the results of my brother William's prevention clinical trial.

Ian and I won't stop celebrating the remarkable strides JDRF is making to end type one diabetes, but we also won't stop crossing finish lines until the final finish line is conquered.  Please consider joining us in supporting the research that will save the lives of millions when type one becomes type none.  Together, we are hoping to raise $4,802-- one dollar for every day since Turner's diagnosis.


Note: All donations are 100% tax deductible, and in no way support a Florida vacation :-)