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 What a Cure means for Me, Katelynn's Mom...

It is Saturday night and Katelynn's typical plea... "Can we PLEASE go out for supper?"  This is a pretty simple request in most families.  You say "sure" and off you go to CiCi's Buffet or IHOP (two of her favorite places to eat).  Already on the drive over my mind is reeling with anxiety:  what will she eat, what if she does not finish her meal, what are we doing afterwards that we need to make sure she eats enough, what will she drink, what was she doing before we ate (is her sugar going to continue going down) and so on.  The questions are endless and all of them could greatly affect how she feels, acts and sleeps tonight.  But shouldn't that have been an easy night out with no dishes or cooking for mom, a treat for the whole family? Not with T1D.

We have heard many times from many people that at least it is only T1D, and they are right.  She will live, hopefully just like other kids her age.  We know there are a lot worse things she could be going through and our thoughts and prayers go out to those families.  But she has T1D and it affects every second of every day of her (and our) life.  She never has an escape.  Every day at school we worry if her blood sugars are affecting how she is learning or behaving for her teachers.  We could not survive one day without Miss Jessica or Miss Connie (or the other ladies) in the office helping us keep her sugars in range so everyone can see how wonderful and smart she is (not how emotional or possibly defiant she becomes when her sugar is too high or too low).  We even worry if she will be okay on the bus, if her sugar goes too low she could pass out, and would the bus driver know she was still on the bus or what to do?

So maybe if we stopped feeding her candy or made her exercise more the diabetes would go away, it does not work that way.  Unless we find a cure she will NEVER have a second where she does not have to think about her diabetes.  Her body no longer produces insulin that is needed to digest food and give her energy.  Without her insulin pump she would die.  This is why we fight for a cure.

Katelynn, her dad, and everyone else living with T1D deserve to have a night out without worry and lots of planning.  Heck just a normal day where they could exercise and not have to worry if they will go into reaction, to just eat until they are full and stop and not have to worry about how much did I exactly eat so I can get the correct amount of insulin for my body.  ONE DAY without counting, poking, injecting, checking or measuring?..that is what a CURE means for me and my family and all families living with T1D.

Help us get closer to the CURE by supporting the JDRF in their research.   Please see the enclosed flier about our benefit 2-2-2013 at the American Legion or log onto and search Iowa and Team Katie Bug and donate to Katelynn for the walk February 23 at Westdale Mall.  Every step is closer to a cure and we need your support to get there!  Thank you for all you have done for us in the past and your continued support in the future!


Eric, Julie, Katelynn, Oliva and Sydney Sterling

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