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Join our team in the fight to help create a world without type 1 diabetes!

Dear Supporters:

JDRF's Walk to Cure Diabetes is only a few weeks away! 

As you know, I have participated in The Walk since its inception twenty two years ago! I have been a volunteer, a fundraiser, an emcee and for the last 2 years a staff member.  Every year, as I look out over the 23,000 walkers I am impressed by how far we have come since that first year, both with this event and in how I manage my diabetes.

Although managing my diabetes is significantly easier, (my blood glucose monitor now plugs into my iPhone,) we still have a way to go and need your continued support more than ever! You have stood alongside me in this fight and I am forever grateful. Once again, I turn to you for your help in reaching my team goal of $6000 and getting even closer to the end!

This year I am more motivated than ever! Recently, at a National Training Conference JDRF’s CEO Jeffery Brewer spoke about Encapsulation, one of the cure therapies JDRF is currently funding. Simply stated, a device, about the size of a Band-Aid will be implanted under the skin containing up to 500,000 islet cells, delivering insulin for up to 24 months. Thereby eliminating constant self-injecting! Within the next 6 months Encapsulation will begin its first round of human clinical trials.  Your support of JDRF has made this possible!

After 27 years of insulin injections and multiple finger sticks daily; approximately 60,000+ needle pokes in my lifetime, the excitement I feel about a future where all I will need is one doctor visit every 2 years is something I cannot express in words.

The JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes is now the 3rd largest fundraising event in all of Minnesota! Please join us on February 22nd at The Mall of America for this fun and important event.

You can donate to my walk team and help us reach a cure directly via the website below:

Thank you for considering a donation again this year! 

To hear more about the Encapsulation program click this link,





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