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Join our team in the fight to help create a world without type 1 diabetes!

Hello, everyone!

I took over the walk team when Julia left for college. I am now finishing my second year of college myself, but i still remain committed to doing what I can to make life better and safer for Julia and others with type 1.

JDRF funds more research for type 1 than any other organization in the world. I know this research has made life for people with type 1 better, but there is still much to do.   Until we get to the cure, the development of the JDRF-funded Artifical Pancreas (an automated insulin pump) is underway and this and other therapies including improved insulins will keep people safer and make life better for people with type 1.

Julia's life in Washington, DC is exciting and I'm really proud of her. But I want her diabetes to be cured and for it not to be such a big part of her life every hour and every day. I hope you will support me in raising money for a cure.  I promise you that I wll continue to do my part raising money, writing letters to legislators and being an all-around good brother to Julia (and Claire).

As they say here in Minnesota, keep your stick on the ice! And my sincere thanks for your help.



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