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Join our team in the fight to help create a world without type 1 diabetes!

Welcome to our JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes Team Page!  

Once a year, we get together with family and friends for an early morning stroll at the Mall of America.  There are over 20,000 of us walking around MOA each year to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), an organization working towards a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.  This cause is near and dear to my heart as our daughter Rilee, was diagnosed six years ago at the age of 7.   Type one diabetes is a challenging disease to live with.  One of the requirements to maintaining good health, is that Rilee must check her blood sugar at least six times per day; that is  180 times a month, 2160 times per year that is 12,960 times since she was diagnosed with diabetes. She does multiple insulin doses via her insulin pump based upon her blood sugar. We hold on to a hope and a belief that a breakthrough is close at hand, and that our daughter will be cured. What an amazing miracle it would be to not have to count carbohydrates, and have to change infusion sites, to pick up endless test strips off of the floor, to not have to be up all night worrying about low or high blood sugars.  Please help us in the search for a cure, and consider donating to JDRF at:

If you would like to join us please sign up on our donation page, we would love if you would walk with us for a cure.

Many thanks to all of you who have supported us through the years!

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