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  • Chace and I at Thanksgiving Dinner 2013

    Chace and I at Thanksgiving Dinner 2013

We will turn Type One into Type None


Family and Friends,

The Chace’s Champions team will be walking at the annual Fresno “Walk to Cure Diabetes” on March 29th in Fresno, CA. to raise money and diabetes awareness. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundations (JDRF) Fresno walk will be held at the Fresno Woodward Park-Mountain View Shelter, located at East Audubon and North Friant Rd in Fresno, CA. Registration starts at 8:00 am, with the 5k walk starting at 9:15.

Our family and friends team celebrates its 10th anniversary as a participating team at the annual JDRF walk in Fresno. It has also been 10 years since my grandson Chace was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. That diagnosis started our involvement with the JDRF organization, and through your continued support and donations during the past 10 years our team has raised over $13,000 for diabetes research. This year’s anniversary, along with the donations we have received, are important milestones for our team.  As a team, we have not only solicited donations, but we have also volunteered many hours to this cause and the annual walk. It is our team’s main fund raising event for the year. Our team is again requesting your support and generous donations to reach our team goal of $1000.00.

Chace is an 8th grader this year and is looking forward to starting high school next year. Besides Chace’s personal involvement in the diabetes walk and his fund raising efforts, Chace also volunteers his assistance and spare time at his current school. At the beginning of this school year, Chace assisted new students entering school during 7th grade orientation days. He assisted them with finding their individual classes, locating important school facilities, and generally easing these new students apprehension on entering Middle School. Chace also is involved in a “PE Mentorship” program, where he assists special Ed students during their physical education class. Chace is able to be involved in these extra school activities, including assisting on his brother’s baseball team, and still keep a 3.0 grade point average. He has made the honor roll once so far this year. The highlight of Chace’s 8th grade school year will be his upcoming trip To New York and Washington D.C through School Tours of America during his Spring Break in April.

Since last year’s JDRF walk, Chace was required to go off the insulin pump and back to daily injections, per directions of his doctor. Chace’s A1C levels had risen so high that it needed to be closely monitored through the manual daily injections and the recording of foods eaten, and carbohydrates consumed. Chace hopes to be back on the pump by the time he travels to the East Coast in April.

Definition -Type 1 diabetes, once known as juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes, is a chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin, a hormone needed to allow sugar (glucose) to enter cells to produce energy. Type 2 diabetes, which is far more common, occurs when the body becomes resistant to the effects of insulin or doesn't make enough insulin. Various factors may contribute to type 1 diabetes, including genetics and exposure to certain viruses. Although type 1 diabetes typically appears during adolescence, it can develop at any age. Despite active research, type 1 diabetes has no cure, though it can be managed. With proper treatment, people who have type 1 diabetes can expect to live longer, more healthy lives than in the past.

The JDRF organization, Chace, our team, and all those that deal with diabetes sincerely thank you for your continued support and donations.

Mark W Smith

Team Captain-Chace’s Champions


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Date and time

March 29, 2014
Registration: 8:00 AM
Starts: 9:15 AM
Length of walk: 5K


Woodward Park, Mt. View Shelter
7775 N. Friant Rd.
Fresno, CA 93720



Allison Perkins-Thomas
(661) 636-1305

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