We will turn Type One into Type None

In February, Balin was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. He had been dropping weight and feeling sick. He was always thirsty and was waking up in the middle of the night to go pee a lot. He was crying over nothing and getting upset all the time. Basketball season was almost over and I figured the weight loss from was that, he was drinking a lot of water so I blew off the up all night to pee thing.

Then he got thrush, a yeast infection in the mouth that causes white coloration and pain. This normally only happens in infants. So at this point we knew something was up. He went to his doctor who gave him mouth wash and sent him home. He only got worst over the next week. He had dropped nearly 20 pounds in the past few months. His eyes was cloudy and red. He couldn't talk or walk strait. We took him back to the doctor when he woke up throwing up. The doctor told us he had a stomach flu and sent him home again. I knew it wasn't a flu and decided to take Balin in to the ER. 

We wasn't at Deaconess long before they seen the issue in his blood work. His blood glucose was around 600. Yours and mine is always around 120. They rushed us into a ambulance and took us to Gateway across town to the ICU. We wasn't there a full day before we was in another ambulance on our way to Rileys in Indy, where he spent a few more days in ICU. Then the next 32 hours taking a crash course on T1 and how to keep Balin alive. 

I almost lost my son. While in the ICU he had his fingers pricked every hour or two. His blood drawn every 3. He got jabbed or stuck with over 100 needles that week EASY. The nurse said they had children run and hide from them,, scream and cry at them,, yell and cuss at them. Balin,, never once. I've never been so proud. 

Balin has T1, that means his body doesn't make the insulin he needs to turn sugars into energy. It has nothing to do with his diet or what he ate. Nothing to do how fat he was or wasn't. He can not stop eating sugar and lose weight and be ok. 

In order for Balin to stay alive he has to take shots and prick his fingers to check his blood glucose levels several times a day. If he doesn't endure the 2000 or so needles a year he will die. 

This is our world now, and in the past month I have spent many sleepless nights learning all I can and finding ways to fix it. The thing is,, short of going back to University,, there is little I can do. Raise money for research and spread awareness. So guess what I'm doing? I am raising money for research and spreading awareness.

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May 17, 2014
Registration: 9:00 AM - fundraising minimum $100 for free entry to Park
Starts: 10:30 AM
Length of walk: 1 mile


Holiday World & Splashin' Safari
452 E. Christmas Blvd.
Santa Claus, IN 47579



Libby Hogan
(317) 308-4925

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