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Join our team in the fight to help create a world without type 1 diabetes!

Madison and Michael Jacob - T1D Friends to the End
Madison and Michael Jacob - T1D Friends to the End

Welcome to our JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes Team M² Page!  

Thanks for coming back another year to check us out! We are going on our third year as a team and our community is behind once again. Look for the article about Team M² in our local paper The Denton Orator to find out what we have been up to since last year's walk and to see how you can help join the fight against T1D! The Denton Orator has joined us as a team sponsor this year and is being very instrumental in helping us get the word out to our community to come join our team and raise money for the JDRF.

We are really hoping to out-do ourselves from last year! We had 132 registered walkers and raised over $6000.00 for the JDRF but I believe we can do even more this year! Let's show the JDRF, the town of Denton, the city of High Point and all those other teams who will be walking with us what we can do when we rally together for a great cause. Also, make sure to thank our sponsors and to support them with your business. They are really committed to helping make the dream of providing every one of walkers with a FREE shirt come true. Keep checking back as we add new sponsors to the cause. We are very close to that goal and that is just the first of several we want to reach this year!


04/10/2014 UPDATE - 100 WALKERS

As of today we have 100 registered walkers!!!!! What a fantastic job team. i am so proud of the effort to get signed up. Now we just need to get out there and get those pledges coming in.



GO TEAM M²!!!!

Team M² Sponsors: West Innovations, Service Pro, Southern Modular Homes, The Denton Orator, Shapes Fitness for Men and Women, Construction Implements Depot, Inc.,  New Tree Creative, Advance Auto Parts, Crystal's May Paws, Surratt Properties, Change Works, Inc. Winner's Circle Awards and Screen Printing


Team Mē - Join Team Raised
Jason West $0.00
Clayton Alexander $0.00
Jonathon Allen $0.00
Nina Allen $0.00
Donna Beck $0.00
Braxton Black $0.00
Austin Cook $0.00
James Cook $0.00
Ronnie Cook $0.00
Tonya Cook $0.00
Amanda Curd $0.00
Jimmy Curd $0.00
Trease Curd $0.00
Brandson Easter $0.00
Personal Gift Cassie Easter $60.00
Chad Easter $0.00
Colton Easter $0.00
Mason Easter $0.00
Dan Efird $0.00
Katie Efird $0.00
Stroll Level: $200 Michael Jacob Efird $390.00
Mindy Efird $0.00
Trent Efird $0.00
Kristen Elberson $0.00
Laken Elberson $0.00
Lorelei Elberson $0.00
Scotty Elberson $0.00
Lisa Evans $0.00
Hannah Ferrell $0.00
Jamie Ferrell $0.00
Madison Ferrell $0.00
Mike Ferrell $0.00
Chrissy Floyd $0.00
Cori Floyd $0.00
Kamrin Floyd $0.00
Avery Garner $0.00
Caroline Garner $0.00
Jenna Garner $0.00
Sharon Garner $0.00
Tonya Haneline $0.00
Elizabeth Harvell $0.00
Ivy Harvell $0.00
Michael Harvell $0.00
Chris Hineline $0.00
Ryder Hineline $0.00
Ryleigh Hineline $0.00
Alvin Hogan $0.00
Alvin Hogan $0.00
Bryson Hogan $0.00
Kandy Hogan $0.00
Nancy Hogan $0.00
Courtney Howard $0.00
Lanie Hulin $50.00
Personal Gift Susan Hulin $50.00
Ashlyn Hunt $0.00
Graham Hunt $0.00
Kynsay Hunt $0.00
Roger Hunt $0.00
Tosha Hunt $0.00
Alexi Jarman $0.00
Personal Gift Brandy Jarman $50.00
Maddox Jarman $0.00
Shanna Johnson $0.00
Ashleigh Kiser $0.00
Elaine Kiser $0.00
Neal Kiser $0.00
Stella Kiser $0.00
Janeece Laws $0.00
Crystal Lefler $0.00
Dalton Lefler $0.00
Wade Lefler $0.00
Max Lima $0.00
Tabitha Madewell $0.00
Amber Matney $0.00
John Matney $0.00
Joseph Matney $0.00
Tracy Matney $0.00
Zoe Matney $0.00
Chasidy Mitchell $0.00
Willie Mitchell $0.00
Andre Morin $0.00
Connor Morin $0.00
Doreen Morin $0.00
Jeanne Morin $0.00
Margaret Morin $0.00
Patrick Morin $0.00
Ryan Morin $0.00
Shawn Morin $0.00
Nora Nealey $0.00
George Nilsen $0.00
Madisyn Nilsen $0.00
Bobbie Outlaw $0.00
Brittany Robbins $0.00
Jessica Robbins $0.00
Personal Gift Cathy Shoaf $105.00
Dale Sloop $0.00
Pam Sloop $100.00
Amber Smith $0.00
Caroline Smith $0.00
Chris Smith $0.00
Personal Gift Jo Ann Smith $30.00
Reece Smith $0.00
Roxanna Smith $0.00
Whitney Smith $0.00
Haley Steed $0.00
Brantley Surratt $0.00
Jadin Surratt $0.00
Jamie Surratt $80.52
Kelly Surratt $0.00
Personal Gift Lauren Surratt $60.00
Ronald Surratt $0.00
Savannah Surratt $60.00
Todd Surratt $0.00
Brayden Threulsen $0.00
Personal Gift William Threulsen $60.00
Maggie Trull $0.00
Erin Waldroup $0.00
Thayer Waldroup $0.00
Personal Gift Taylor Walters $60.00
Joshua West $60.00
Madison West $0.00
Mason West $0.00
Vicki West $0.00
Carl Wright $0.00
Kathy Wright $0.00
Megan Young $60.00
Melanie Young $60.00
Monica Young $0.00
Team Gifts $60.00
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