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  • It's rough sailing with T1D

    It's rough sailing with T1D

We will turn Type One into Type None

Dear Friends and Family!

Stella was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on May 27, 2007 -- she was not yet two.  That day changed everything. 

Fortunately, we've had the love and support of so many people to get us through.  To get us through the daily grind of finger pokes and insulin dosing and yet unexplained blood sugars. To get us through the larger issues of dealing with school plans and summer camps and health insurance wrangling.  To get us through the fear of complications and the tragic loss of other kids with Type 1 diabetes -- whose deaths are more apparent now because of social media.

This will be our 8th JDRF Walk.  And the walks have always been the highpoint of our year.  The walks are that point when we visit the well of hope and store up for another year.  Truly, these walks fill us with so much happiness -- from seeing Stella walk arm in arm with her buddies, to knowing we are doing something to find a cure, to seeing others who fight this disease sporting their cool t-shirts and huge smiles. 

So thank you for supporting us in any way -- from $5 to walking the easy 3K with us.  It means more to us than we can adequatley express.  And hopefully, you have a wonderful time too! -- Jennifer (Team Captain)

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Date and time

September 21, 2014
Check-in: 11:00 AM
Starts: 12:00 PM
Length of walk: 1.5 Miles


Warner Park
2930 N. Sherman Ave.
Madison, WI 53704



Elizabeth Meland
Email | (608) 833-2873

Western Wisconsin Chapter
434 S. Yellowstone Drive
Suite 201
Madison, WI 53719