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Burlington, VT
July 24 - 27, 2014
La Crosse
La Crosse, WI
August 14 - 17, 2014
Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe, CA
September 5 - 8, 2014
Death Valley
Death Valley, CA
October, 16 - 19, 2014
Greenville, SC Hincapie Gran Fondo Ride
October 23 - 26, 2014
Nashville, TN
October 30 - November 2, 2014
Tucson, AZ
November 20 - 23, 2014
Burlington, VT

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Join me in the fight against Type 1 Diabetes!

Why I ride...

    On July 26, 2014 I will ride 100 miles to help in the fight to cure Type 1 diabetes (T1D).  I will join hundreds of other riders as we work together to improve the treatment and ultimately find a cure for this disease.  I have been battling with T1D for the last 28 years.  It has almost won the fight many times.  The key word here, however, is ALMOST!  These 28 years have been a tough journey for both myself and my family….

    It all began when I was 4 years old and was given the scary diagnosis of T1D.  A disease that requires diligence 24/7…monitoring of blood sugars, diet, exercise, illness, and stress.  A disease that can come with multiple complications if this diligence is not given…eye, heart, and kidney diseases to name a few. I would soon attempt to be perfect…check every blood sugar on time, give every shot of insulin, and count every carbohydrate put in my mouth.  All of this with the attempt to live a normal life, a long life.  But “what” life affected by T1D is normal???  Then, I became the adolescent still wanting to be normal.  I felt T1D just got in the way and did everything I could to ignore it, hide it, and forget about it.  Sadly, T1D does not go away, no matter how hard you try.  Instead it knocks you down and attempts to show you who is really in control.  Fast forward many long and hard years…years of growth and acceptance, and you find THIS Type 1 diabetic who is showing this disease who REALLY is in control.

    As you can see, T1D is much more than a numbers game, more than a balancing act.  It goes deep…very deep.  This is why I ride.  I ride for all of those struggling with this disease…all of the four year olds who have their life changed with one diagnosis...all of the adolescents want to be nothing but normal and just like their friends...all the young adults who carry the daily burden of thinking their life may be cut short due to complications and worry about the burden this will place on their own growing families. 

    Last year, my partner joined the Ride to Cure to raise money for me…for us…and all others affected by this disease.  This year we will be riding together…for each other.  I am already taking bets on the number of times she will ask me if my blood sugar is ok? do I need to eat? do I need to rest ??? T1D affects all those around...not just the one with the diagnosis.  

    I ask you today, will you help me to raise the funds to support on-going research for even more life-saving devices and treatments and ultimately a cure?  Will you help me to raise the funds so that no other 4 year old child has to fight this disease…so that no other adolescent has to feel different…so that my partner and family and every other family affected by T1D can be free of the worry about dangerously low blood sugars and complications?

    Please view Anne's page as she shares her journey:


    When we cross the finish line, we are going to look back and say “Look who’s in control now T1D!”.  Please join us in showing Type 1 Diabetes, that together…IT will NEVER be in control. 



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