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  • Caroline and John 2014

    Caroline and John 2014

We will turn Type One into Type None


A world without Type 1 Diabetes – that would be sowonderful!  For our children, Carolineand John, and all that live with this disease to be able to live more normal livesand not have to think about diabetes 24 hours a day would be an answer to manyprayers.  For this to become a reality,we need to do our part and that is asking for your donations to help continueto fund the research that is striving to find this cure for a World withoutType 1 Diabetes.   We, as Team Tallman, are not able toparticipate in the JDRF One Walk this weekend due to our family schedule but asthe date draws closer and after several recent events with Caroline and John,we are finding it difficult to let the event go by without trying to do ourpart.  Thus, we have set up this TeamTallman page to not only raise funds for research, but also awareness.


We have inserted a portion of our fundraisingemail that was sent out to give you a glimpse into what those that live withdiabetes have to deal with.  “On most days, things do fall into somewhat of a routine …but there are those other days that jolt you into the constancy of what theyhave to live with.  Just last week, I wasleaving an early morning meeting and received a call from Caroline at school tellingme that her blood sugars were continuing to rise, her stomach hurt and shedidn’t know what was going on as she had just changed her site the night beforeand she had fresh insulin in her pump.  I happened to be on my way to her school for a volunteer shift so I mether in the nurse’s office and she did a site change then and there.  Turns out that the tubing was bent and shewas not getting any insulin at all. Lucky for us, Caroline thought to stop and think about what was going onas she could have been very sick in the next hour or so.  As soon as I had finished my shift and wasleaving that school, the nurse from John’s school called and said that he wasjust the opposite, experiencing a rather low blood sugar and she wanted adviceon how to proceed with his care.  All  turned out fine and John went on to have a goodrest of the day.  Then we went into theweekend … John had several lacrosse games in a row and basketballpractice.  During those times, he did notwear his insulin pump which meant he was off of his pump (not receiving anyinsulin) for several hours.  This causedhis blood sugar to rise extremely high and he felt horrible.  It took several hours for his blood sugar toget back into his target range and to feel better.   To have had both extremes in a matter ofdays with both of the kids led to my thinking about a  CURE for Type 1 being developed in theirlifetimes … for them to be able to live a little more carefree and not have tohave to think about this disease day in and day out.   Astheir parents, we try to help them deal with their challenges and find ways tomake their lives as normal as possible but it is not easy because there isalways the “what if” bearing its head in the back of our minds.  The simple things that they enjoy … going tofriends’ houses, sleepovers, parties, events, practices, games and even justgoing to bed at night … all have stipulations attached, not only for them, butfor us as well.  One of us is alwaysavailable by phone and in the near vicinity so that if they need us, we can getto them quickly.  For Caroline, beingdiagnosed at an older age, she knows what normal feels like and is able torecognize when she is not feeling right which allows her a little moreallowances.  John, on the other hand, wasdiagnosed as a young toddler and he doesn’t seem to feel his lows until theyare at a more dangerous level.  For thatreason, there has hardly been a party, activity, sports practice or game inwhich John has participated in that one of us has not been present … because ofthe “what if”.  His one true desire, to sleepoverat a friend’s house, has not been experienced yet because of the “what if”.   We would love a CURE for them to just be ableto go and do and just be able to experience life without having to always thinkabout diabetes.”


While insulin does keep people with Type 1diabetes alive, it is NOT a cure. Aside from the daily challenges of livingwith Type 1 diabetes where mismanaged blood sugars can cause sleep loss,trouble concentrating, confusion, irritability and just plain feeling bad,there are many severe, often fatal, complications caused by the disease such asheart and kidney disease, blindness, numbness which can lead to amputation andearly death.  We will do anything within our power to make sure John andCaroline do not have to experience any of these complications.  We'rewriting to ask for your support in the perseverance of ourefforts in fighting for a cure for Type 1 diabetes for John and Caroline in oneof the following ways:


  • Make a donation to JDRF on this donation site or Send Team Tallman a tax-deductible contribution in any amount, made payable to JDRF.  We will deliver any donations we receive to JDRF.
  • Pray for our children, John and Caroline, for conscientiousness, perseverance and strength to manage the day in and day out routine of this disease, even when they are tired, defeated, busy and wanting to give up … those are the times they will need prayers the most.  


We are so very grateful for your support and forpersevering with us as we continue to work towards making a cure for Type 1Diabetes a reality!


Matthew and Mary Tallman

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October 18, 2014
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