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I can still rememberthe exact moment, almost three years ago when my mom told me that my friendLindsi had passed away. My mom had picked me up from school and was taking meto dance class. A rush of emotions swept over me as my mom looked over to makesure I was OK. Not only was I shocked and upset over losing a friend, I knewthat Lindsi’s and my roles could have been switched. Lindsi also had type 1diabetes and we were the same age. Had I been the one with the overnight lowblood sugar it could have been me. Had I been the one whose CGM lost batterypower it would have been my family mourning and preparing my memorial service.

I met Lindsi at CampHopewell, a summer camp for kids with Type 1 diabetes. We were cabin mates andmemories of the camp in July were still fresh in my mind that solemn day inSeptember. I had recently seen Lindsi at a JDRF Youth ambassador meeting andthe words she had spoken to me that night continuously flowed through my mind.I kept wishing I could rewind time and that Lindsi’s blood sugar wouldn’t havebeen so low that night. Losing a friend is hard but losing a friend to Type 1diabetes is harder.

Although Lindsi’sdeath is still hard to cope with, every day I see blessing come from it.Lindsi’s JDRF walk team, Peace 4 Lindsi, raises an incredible amount of moneyevery year in her memory. The west Tennessee JDRF youth ambassadors have madeit our mission to send as many kids as we could to Camp Hopewell on full scholarships after Lindsi’s passing because we know how important camp was toLindsi. We hold fundraisers and rally support and continue to Fund a Cure onbehalf of Lindisi.

Personally Lindsi’sdeath has motivated me to take better care of myself. I am much more cautious about my blood sugar and I do everything in my power to stay in range. When Imet my members of Congress as a Children’s Congress delegate last summer, I know they saw just how strong a person with type 1 diabetes can be. But I alsowanted them to know that I am more anxious than ever for a cure. Because notonly has Type 1 diabetes taken part of my life away, it has completely takenthe life of my friend Lindsi. I believe that a cure can be found and that daywill truly bring Peace 4 Lindsi. If you, like me, believe that friendship isthe greatest inspiration, please donate today to the Peace 4 LindsiWalk to CureDiabetes team.

Catrina’s words gives you personal insight into the daily struggles and fears that Type 1 diabetics face. This Walk To Cure Diabetes is  ve ry important not just to our family but to all that knew Lindsi.  Wewalk each year in memory of Lindsi and her fight to find a cure for Type 1diabetes and putting a stop to losing our children. When Lindsi was born it wasour instinct to protect her from harm and when Lindsi was diagnosed it became our full time goal to protect her even more.  This will be our fifth yearas part of the JDRF Walk for a Cure.  Lindsi chose her team name the first year due to her love for PEACE signs. We will be joining in the JDRF Walkto Cure Diabetes which will be held on October 4, 2014 at Shelby Farms. Eventhough Lindsi is not physically here with us her drive and determination keepus motivated to find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes.

Diabetes has had a profound effect onmy life and my family in the last five years. As most of you know, our beloved granddaughter, LindsiYoung passed away September 29, 2010 at the young age of 13 years old. Lindsi was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile diabetes eighteen months earlier atthe age of eleven.  Our loss of Lindsi was devastating, just as juvenilediabetes is devastating to every family that lives with it. Type 1, orjuvenile diabetes, is a devastating disease that affects millions of people, alarge and growing percentage of them children. 

Type 1(juvenile) diabetes is adevastating disease that is taking the lives of our children every day. Whileinsulin, doctors and education can keep people with type 1 diabetes alive, itis NOT a cure. That is why we are committed to fighting for a cure through theWest Tennessee Chapter and working with the Youth Ambassadors. Lindsi’s death madean impact on their young lives and they are doing everything on her behalf  and theirs to find a cure.  When Lindsi passed away in 2010 the West Tennessee Chapter working with the Youth Ambassadors set-up a Lindsi Young CampHopewell Memorial Scholarship. The Royal Ambassadors continue to raise funds on an annual basis in memory of Lindsi with proceeds going to Fund a Cure. The JDRF Ambassadors in Memphis set up a memorial fund in Lindsi’s honor. Through this fund and other fund raising efforts they raise over $2,000 each year toFund a Cure. Not only does this help Fund a Cure it gives us hope in knowing that Lindsi did not die in vain. Instead her memory will live on and otherswill continue to remember her and her fight.

This year we walk to remember Lindsi and her 18 month journeywith Type 1 diabetes. Two years ago Lindsi passed away three days before the2 010 JDRF walk. Lindsi was unconscious due to late night severe hypoglycemia. If mild or moderate hypoglycemia isn't treated right away, it can turn into severe hypoglycemia. People withsevere hypoglycemia usually pass out. If you pass out, someone should call 911 rightaway to get immediate medical attention.  Mistakes delayed thecritical care Lindsi needed for over 24 hours.  On September 29, 2010 ourlives changed forever when Lindsi passed away at Le Bonheur Hospital. 

Last year the "Peace 4 Lindsi" walk team raised$6,000 and this year we would like to do that again, WE cannot do it without yoursupport. My prayer isthat we continue to honor Lindsi, not only by participating in the JDRF walk,but raising awareness. Our family would like to ask you to join in our effortsto help with this goal. Our team name is still "Peace 4Lindsi."  Please sign up to the walk and donate whatever you can.Also, forward this link to your family and friends and ask them to sponsor youor join you at the walk.    

On August 26 we would have celebrated Lindsi’s 17th birthday.Lindsi would have been a senior in high school driving, dating, working andpreparing for college. Lindsi had so many dreams and plans like any teenager.But in one moment a misdiagnosis shattered her dreams and she was gone.

Barry and I made a personal goal this summer to bringawareness of type 1 diabetes to everyone around us by explaining how serious ofa disease Type 1 diabetes is. We personally walk our neighborhood andsurrounding communities and spread awareness of Type 1 Diabetes through socialmedia to all of our contacts, family and friends.

Please stop and take one moment andgo to  web page and join the "Peace 4 Lindsi" team andmake a difference.  

Thank you

Deborah & Barry Sawyer

Everitt Young

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Thank you. Together, we will cure type 1 diabetes!

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October 03, 2015
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