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100 Miles. Up mountains. And I'm REALLY out of shape...

Dear Friends:

I'm done! Read all about how I (barely) survived:


I am asking for your support for a very special cause that I am intimately familiar with because I have watched my 30 year old nephew, JJ, deal with it every day since he was 7, and my 23 year old niece, Emily, deal with it every day for the past five years. 

Both JJ and Emily have Type 1 diabetes, also known as Juvenile Diabetes.  Having Type 1 diabetes means that for JJ and Emily to live they must inject themselves with insulin four times a day.  The circumstances are challenging and the disease is unrelenting.   But though there is no cure right now, huge strides are being made.

On July 14 I am riding in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Ride to Cure Diabetes.  It's a 100 mile bike ride (or race, for the more optimistic, naïve or ambitious of us) in Burlington, Vermont. Unfortunately, unlike last year when I had a winter of cross country skiing to keep me in shape, for various reasons I was pretty much a couch potato from November through March this past winter. I'm totally out of shape.

Obviously, I am not doing this ride, at age 54, in the middle of summer, up the Green Mountains (where the hills go only in one direction), with little training behind me for fun. It will almost certainly be a miserable experience likely to leave me, at the very least, completely exhausted, with 3rd degree sunburn and some serious GI problems that I would prefer not to think about. I'm looking to really suffer...

However, if, with your help, I can raise money for JDRF and, by doing so, contribute to the effort to find a cure so that Emily, JJ, and the many others affected by Type 1 diabetes can live longer, healthier and happier lives then I am happy to bike up Mt. Everest. They just don't offer that ride yet.

$5, $50, $500 - any donation will make a difference and bring us that much closer to finding a cure.  Please press the Donate to Mike button to the right to make a tax deductible donation.

You can follow my progress during the race by checking in with local medics. Check for the guy in the wheelchair at the finish.

And, of course, thank you.


Mike Muha

P.S. Want to see how my training is going? Visit !

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Training setback
I was worried that my sore throat was the start of strep - which my wife, Jill, had a couple weeks ago, but I think it is just severe allergies to whatever is blowing in the wind. I had laryngitis for a week.

I took it conservatively, trying not to push to hard, but it lost me a week of training. Oh that 100 miles is going to be that much harder! The hills that much steeper!

Worse, I had organized a "Bike to Work" contest at the office for the last two weeks of May and only got to ride into work once during that time!

Still, I'm looking forward to the ride in July!

by Michael Muha on Thu, May 31, 2012 @ 8:11 PM

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