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Make Insulin More Affordable; Support the INSULIN Act

Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent and a JDRF advocate, I'm writing to urge you to support the INSULIN Act, which would make the cost of life-saving insulin more affordable and predictable for those with commercial insurance and help those without insurance.

People with T1D need insulin to live. Unfortunately, broken business dynamics have sent insulin prices sky high, with some paying several hundred dollars out-of-pocket each month just to stay alive. As a result, people are often forced to decide between paying for basic living expenses (rent, groceries, etc.) or their life-saving insulin. This dynamic often leads to insulin rationing, which has deadly consequences.

The time to act is now. The INSULIN Act would lower the cost of insulin for those on commercial plans and bring relief to the uninsured by addressing the systemic problems that have caused the rising cost of insulin to become a unique, American crisis.

Specifically, the INSULIN Act:

- Caps monthly out-of-pocket costs at the lesser of $35 or 25% of the net insulin price in commercial plans.

- Waives insulin from applying to the deductible in commercial plans.

- Incentivizes manufacturers to lower list prices via a certification process. (Certified insulins will not be subject to methods health plans use to restrict access such as rebates, prior authorization, and other utilization management requirements.)

Insulin affordability is a bipartisan cause and this bill has bipartisan solutions all aimed at addressing an urgent crisis for Americans who need insulin to live but struggle to afford it. It is the only current path forward to address insulin affordability with the potential to reach 60 votes in the Senate this year. Your support and vote is essential to its success.

I urge you to support the INSULIN Act.

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