General Questions

What is Team JDRF?

Team JDRF provides entry into some of the country's most exciting fitness events. Join a team that's united in the common purpose of creating a world without type 1 diabetes.

Designed for JDRF supporters of all fitness levels, Team JDRF is a partnership. Participants commit to raising a minimum dollar amount, and in exchange JDRF provides support leading up to and throughout the event.

I have a local fitness event I want to participate in, but don't see it on the Team JDRF website, can I still participate with Team JDRF?

While we wish that we could have an organized presence in all events across the country, the scheduling and logistics are not always conducive to that. However, we have a way that you can still participate in events throughout your community on behalf of JDRF in Your Way. After you secure your own entry, you can raise money on your own or make it a team event by creating your own fundraiser.

Where is my local chapter?

JDRF has chapters throughout the United States and six international affiliates. Find your local JDRF chapter or call 888-533-9255.


Do I need to register ahead of time?

Yes, please. To ensure that you are an official member of Team JDRF and to receive membership benefits, you must register for the event.

Is there a registration fee for Team JDRF events?

Each event is different. Please check your selected event for specific details.

How much time do I have to commit to training?

The amount of training you put in is up to you. Depending on your experience, fitness level, and the type of event you have selected, you will receive coaching and tools that you can use to tailor a training program. If you are a novice, most coaches will recommend you begin training 16 weeks before a full marathon and 12 weeks before a half marathon.


Will I have help fundraising?

Yes! Every participant has the support and help of the fundraising experts at their local chapter who are with them every step of the way, from the first donation to the day you exceed your minimum and increase your goal. In addition, Team JDRF has a library of tools and tips that every registered participant has access to. If you have any questions about your ability to meet your fundraising minimum, contact and we are happy to talk fundraising with you.

Isn't it hard to meet the fundraising requirement?

Not according to our past participants. Once you start contacting people, you will be surprised how quickly the money (and the admiration) rolls in. JDRF has created powerful online fundraising tools to make it easier for you to reach your goal, and your JDRF staff member will help you with materials, ideas and support as you meet and exceed your goal.

Is there a deadline for meeting my fundraising minimum?

Yes. The exact minimum will vary depending on the event you have chosen.

What do I do with cash or checks I receive?

Please make check donations payable to JDRF and include the name of the participant and/or event in the memo line. You will mail this in with the Offline Donation Form that you will be able to print from your Participant Center under the Donors section. For cash donations received, it is recommended to transfer these donations into a personal or cashier's check before submitting them to your local JDRF chapter.

Are donations tax-deductible?

Yes. Every online donation will receive an automated email acknowledgment for tax purposes. For offline donations your local JDRF office will send an acknowledgment by mail.

Do You Accept Employer-Matching Donations?

Yes, talk to your human resources department to find out if your company participates in our matching gift program or search the matching gift database. You can double or even triple your fundraising contribution to JDRF.