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  • Walking for Adison, Steve, John, Myla & Vinny!  #GenesisDiaBeaters

    Walking for Adison, Steve, John, Myla & Vinny! #GenesisDiaBeaters

Putting an end to T1D, one step at a time

Hello, my name is Scott Hunter.  I am the Lead Pastor of Genesis Church in Tallahassee, Florida.  I wanted to share with you quickly today why we help sponsor the JDRF One Walk with Funds, In Kind Donations and Volunteerism.  We sponsor the JDRF One Walk to bring a cure to our church family and the other million people like them living with T1D in America.

Genesis Church walks for Myla - a 9 year old little girl in our special needs ministry has downs that just got diagnosed with Type 1 on top of her already complicated life.  We walk for her Momma who needs to know there is HOPE for her baby girl.

Genesis Church walks for Kisha’s husband Vinny who is a police officer and spends his life serving and looking out for others...we are looking out for him.

Genesis Church walks for John who lives with Type 1 and Autism AND every day he fights stereotypes and fights for HIS WE FIGHT alongside him - to help change his life for the better.

I personally walk for my Dad, Steve, who’s been Type 1 since his return from fighting in Vietnam in his 20’s.  He’s my hero and I cannot imagine what he’s lived through - carrying the weight of managing Type 1 Diabetes his entire adult life.

I see his struggle now even more as I watch my daughter grow up with Type One.  I walk for Adison Elizabeth because she is my world. She’s had Type 1 since she was 4, is now 14.  The other day she told me she can no longer remember life without having this disease. My family & church family prays for her healing AND constantly looks out for her health…Our goal TOGETHER is that God heals her by his power OR through technological advances made by JDRF.

These people are WHY WE go the extra mile for JDRF.    These people are why we make this a church-wide volunteerism event here at Genesis.  Myla, Vinny, John, Steve, & Adison are the reasons why I co-chair the event. Genesis Church knows that if we say we love God, then we must show up and do the practical things in other's lives to share his love.  That means serving the T1D Community of Tallahassee. We walk for you. Our prayer is Turn Type One into Type None. Will you join us?

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Date and time

April 6, 2019
Check-in: 8:00 AM
Starts: 9:00 AM
Length of walk: 3 Miles


Genesis Church
4070 Mission Rd
Tallahassee, FL 32303



Scott Hunter
Email | (850) 766-9686

North Florida Chapter
9700 Phillips Highway
Suite 106
Jacksonville, FL 32256