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Han's festival

Han's festival is held from the 3rd to the 5th of January, the festival is on the 5th and lasts throughout the spring. With the conception and belief of Thai people Lung Nua - Chân Plank, handed down for generations to grateful children, gratitude, love for her Han - the daughter of Thai heroic hero, intelligent, have sacrificed spring for the peace of all people. The festival is opened by TUN with Vietnam visa service, Nui Nui is an item that can not be missing is a white buffalo, in addition to must have dogs, pigs, chickens, duck, needle wine, glutinous rice full 13 trays to worship the gods and Han. The main ceremony is in front of the mouth of the Muong Cave, which is made of bamboo and has four floors, the main subject is the original Tay with prestige and knowledge. In the sacred space of the Muong cave, the people in the same village heading towards Han pray for good things for themselves, their families and hundreds of them.