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Mary Gay and Don thank you for rising to the $100K Gala Challenge!

Newsflash: As of July 18, 2018, we reached the $100,000 Brady Challenge goal!

Thanks to all of you who made this happen; we are truly humbled by your support.

Of course, please don't let the fact that we've achieved our goal keep you from making a donation to help JDRF cure, treat, and prevent type 1 diabetes (T1D).

We'll keep this page open until July 31, 2018. To make a donation after that, please call the Piedmont Triad Chapter office at 336-373-1768.

We were thrilled to serve as the Honorees for the 2018 Piedmont Triad Hope Gala on February 24. Our family knows firsthand the importance of JDRF's vision of a world without T1D.

Last June—on the very same day that we agreed to take on the Honoree role—our then-17-year-old grandson, Paul Farley, was being diagnosed with T1D (although we didn't know it yet).

Suddenly, our family's world turned upside down. And serving as the Gala Honorees took on a whole new meaning for us.

Now that he's living with T1D, Paul's pancreas has stopped producing insulin—a hormone essential to turning food into energy. Paul's daily life is now challenge after challenge, including insulin injections that need to be carefully balanced with eating and activity, disruptive glucose monitoring, sleepless nights—and wishing for a tomorrow where this struggle doesn’t exist.

We're so proud of how Paul is handling his new normal, but it's a stark reality: Living with T1D means there are no days off and there is no cure.

But there is hope.

JDRF is funding life-changing breakthroughs to remove the incredible daily burden of this disease—until it no longer exists.

That's why we kicked off the Gala by "raising our paddle" and making a $100,000 gift (you can see Don waving our bid card in the photo above).

After we witnessed the incredible generosity of the other guests, who raised their own paddles and collectively donated over half-a-million dollars to fund T1D research, we decided—on the spur of the minute—to do more.

We will donate an additional $100,000 to T1D research—and we challenge YOU and:

  • everyone in the ballroom that night...
  • everyone who wants to put an end to this awful disease...and
  • everyone we know

to join forces to match our second $100,000 gift.

In essence, we will double the impact of your contributions made by July 31, 2018 (up to $100,000).

Please rise to this challenge by making a donation today! Your gift will help create a world without T1D for Paul and millions of others.

Thank you!

Mary Gay and Don Brady

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