Fundraise... Get creative... Make a difference... Your way

Create Your Own

Have fun coming up with your own fundraising idea! You can turn your favorite hobby, talent or passion into money for T1D research. Engage people anytime and anywhere—whether they live next door or 2,000 miles away. Don't be afraid to push the limits of your imagination!

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Individual and Team Events

You can raise money on your own or make it a team event. If you really love animals, offer dog-walking or cat sitting services around your neighborhood for donations. Or hold a scavenger hunt where each team member competes to solve the clues the fastest and raise the most money leading up to the event!

Still not sure what you'd like to do? Check out some great examples of other fundraisers...


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Need more ideas? Browse through our fundraising idea list!

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We'll support you every step of the way

You'll have a dashboard to monitor your fundraising progress and access to many helpful resources and tips. You'll also have a fundraising page that you can personalize to share your story.

Why Choose JDRF Your Way?

You really can change lives

Living with T1D is a constant balancing act that results in a lot of stress, worry and sleepless nights. The money you raise helps JDRF ease the burden of the disease, until we can cure and prevent it.

Our tools make fundraising easy

You'll have access to fundraising tools like a personal fundraising page, a dashboard to monitor your fundraising progress, sample messages to ask for support and other downloadable resources to help your reach your goal.

There's absolutely no registration fee!

Creating a fundraising campaign is 100% free! Although there is no minimum fundraising requirement, setting a goal for your campaign motivates people to donate to help you reach it.

Raise money on your schedule

No minimum time commitment is required. You decide when and how to spend your time—whether it's personalizing your fundraising page, sending emails to friends and family, or planning your fundraising event.

Do whatever you want!

How you choose to fundraise is really entirely up to you. In fact, the wackier you get, the better! Not only is the goal to raise money for T1D research—it's also to have fun doing it.

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