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Shamrock Running Events - March 2019

Hope for Joey

Won't you please take a moment and read Joey's story.  We think you will then understand why we covet your donations to our running team for the JDRF, the leading organization in T1D research.  We will be running the 8k (as a family) and the marathon (without the kids) because we want to help the JDRF prevent, better treat and eventually cure T1D. Please read and share Joey's story and we appreciate your consideration for financial support as well...

This past September, 2018, marked 6 years since Joey was diagnosed with T1D…6 years ago…when we knew something strange was taking over our newly minted 3 year old... not even the sleep deprivation of 7 month old twins could blind us to the strange things happening, although it sure did try to. We borrowed a glucometer, we called friends who knew about t1d, we made a call and an appointment to the doctor... and then we waited until morning because honestly we didn't know any better... we didn't know that us waiting could have been deadly...

…T1D is a relentless beast that takes away joy and sleep, it steals
youth and innocence, it provides pain and exhaustion... BUT... God is
faithful… and thank goodness he is because T1D. is. relentless.

…Just this fall, a 10 year old little girl, who had lived with T1D most
of her life (like Joey), who wore a continuous glucose monitor (like
Joey), died in her sleep. She was at a sleepover at a friend’s house…
her friend also had T1D… and this hits me like a punch to the chest. No
 matter how we try to prevent, predict, correct, and balance, this
disease is something we can’t control. And as a parent, that is beyond
frightening, it’s petrifying and leaves you feeling weak and helpless…

 …During Joey’s Spring Conference, her teacher, who for 2 years had
repeatedly made comments about not wanting to be involved in anything to do with diabetes, told my husband and I that we “put Joey on a pedestal because she had type one diabetes.” I’m sure my face showed all the horror that my mind felt. To say I was dumbstruck is an understatement. How in the world could someone possibly think that caring for your child and a consistent life threatening illness meant you were putting them on a pedestal is simply beyond me.

With the education that the JDRF can provide, situations such as this could hopefully be prevented because ignorance just simply can't be an excuse.

Joey isn't perfect and life isn't perfect and we aren't perfect... but... God. Is. Perfect.

His plan is perfect. And He is faithful, though I don't always

...Happy 6 years of beating T1D Joey. God continues
to help us grow and transform us, day after day... and I think so much
of that is because of trials we go through because of T1D that remind
us that we aren't in control, He is, and we have to trust in Him
constantly. I'd like to say that we are all the better for T1D being in
 our lives... but I don't think we're there yet. But... I believe that
one day, we will be...

Eri's Donors Donors

Shamrock Running Events - March 2019