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The Trilogy of Trash Birthday Bash!

Hey Cellar Dwellers, we've been doing this #VHS4T1D thing for a little over a year now and you guys know the deal, we're trying to use our platform, as stupid and goofy as it is, to help find a cure for Type One Diabetes (T1D)! But, for the next few months we are taking a break from our standard deal and presenting you with an opportunity to join us for our Trilogy of Trash Birthday Bash! This will be a premiere event with clips from musical guests, sponsors, special guests, friends living with T1D, and three amazing short horror films that our good friends at Dungeon Entertainment have allowed us to show you guys in their entirety!

5 bucks will get you into the event, just drop your donation right in here and we'll send you your ticket to the event as soon as we have them ready to go! For a few bucks more, you can get some sweet swag and recognition in the event, all the details are below! We're stoked about this event and we think you guys are gonna have a blast and we're hoping to raise some scratch for and do some good with the JDRF in the process!

Many of you have heard Dan's daughter Lily on the podcast, whether on a Kids Korner episode or maybe in one of the Month of Horror videos. Well, Lily lives with T1D, which means that her pancreas does not produce the insulin she needs to convert her food into energy for her body. A T1D diagnosis means that you will spend the rest of your life constantly checking your blood sugar levels, monitoring your food intake, and having to take insulin, and there are no days off. It's a lot of work for anyone, especially a little girl trying to just live her life and have fun with her friends.

The JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) is focused on finding a cure for T1D for Lily and millions of other people like her, and they have made great strides already in that process, but more research and more funding are needed to make this dream of a cure a reality, and that's where you can help out!

$5 Digital Trash Tier: You'll get a ticket to this exclusive online video premiere event where we'll all be watching together and interacting live in the chat!

$10 Paper Trash Tier: You get a ticket to the event, plus, if you are in the US, we'll send you a swag pack with exclusive never-before-seen art miniprints, stickers and more! If you are outside the US, we'll still send you digital copies of the exclusive art!

$20 Video Trash Tier: Same as above, but you'll also get a signed DVD copy of the Trilogy of Trash films! (for US residents) Only 10 of these available!

$50 Take out the Trash - Sponsor Tier: Same as above, but you'll also get a video slot to plug whatever you want during the video event itself! Only 10 of these available, and 3 are already taken!

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