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Watching Movies to Cure T1D!

Hey Cellar Dwellers, wanna make us watch your favorite movie or maybe punish us with some terrible RomCom? Wanna help find a cure for Type One Diabetes (T1D)? Well, this is how you can do both!

Many of you have heard Dan's daughter Lily on the podcast, whether on a Kids Korner episode or maybe in one of the Month of Horror videos. Well, Lily lives with T1D, which means that her pancreas does not produce the insulin she needs to convert her food into energy for her body. A T1D diagnosis means that you will spend the rest of your life constantly checking your blood sugar levels, monitoring your food intake, and having to take insulin, and there are no days off. It's a lot of work for anyone, especially a little girl trying to just live her life and have fun with her friends.

The JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) is focused on finding a cure for T1D for Lily and millions of other people like her, and they have made great strides already in that process, but more research and more funding are needed to make this dream of a cure a reality, and that's where you can help out!

here's the deal, it's simple, donate money and we'll do a special bonus episode of our show just for you! Donation amounts and rewards are listed below. let's show Lily that the Cellar Dweller community has her back, and let's have fun watching some movies in the process!

$10 (Cellar Dweller) Tier: We'll shout you out on an episode of the show, if you have a podcast or business, and want us to run a promo for you, we'll do that too!

$20 Tier: You pick a movie and we'll watch it and do a bonus episode covering it. We'll shout you out and thank you for your generous contribution!

$50 Tier: Same as above, but we'll also call you on the episode to get your take on the movie or talk about whatever else you want (you know we don't stick to the script on our show)! We'll also send you a signed and stickered VHS copy of the film you picked!

$100 (King of the Series) Tier: Same as above, but you are also now King (or Queen) of the series and it'll be named after you (#VHS4T1D Presented by [Your Name]) until someone else makes a $100 or more donation and steals the kingdom from you!

$1000 (God of the Show) Tier: Same as above, but we'll also attach your name to the entire show (The Movie Cellar presented by [Your Name]) and you will have our eternal gratitude!

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