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JDRF One Walk, Richmond 2020

Putting an End to T1D, One Step at a Time

As we start our 8th year as Trey’s Avengers, we are excited to announce that YOU have helped us raise over $85,000 to support the JDRF.  A number that never ceases to amaze us!!!  So many have helped along the way – our friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, a handful of complete strangers and a bunch of amazing businesses. We appreciate every bit of support we have received from you all.    Every penny makes a difference as we seek to improve the lives of our T1D community and a cure for this disease. 

Trey has had another great year conquering life with Type 1 diabetes!    This year he "graduated" 8th grade and started high school "virtually".  He was accepted into Governor's school, acted in his first play (Annie Jr) and had his first summer job as a kayaking counselor in training (Passages Adventure Camp).  He continues to enjoy camping, kayaking stand up paddle-board, mountain biking, coding and creative writing.   He is kind and funny we are so proud him, how hard he works and how much responsibility he has undertaken. Each year, on Walk day, Trey is always so filled with joy and overwhelmed with gratitude that so many of you take the time to support him. 

Trey’s T1D journey continues to have its highs and lows (no pun intended).  This year Trey participated in a clinical trial for an "Artificial pancreas" technology.  This technology, the Tandem Control IQ was later approved by the FDA and now helps thousands of T1Ds maintain safer blood sugar control. 

Our family believes strongly in the JDRF mission.   In addition to providing some of the initial funding to the “Artificial Pancreas” trial Trey is in, JDRF is also actively funding several other avenues of cure and prevention research.  This year, JDRF Advocacy and thousands of supporters helped pass House Bill 66 in Virginia which will effectively cap monthly insurance premiums for insulin at $50.  This is a huge win for many T1D's struggling to pay for this life sustaining drug.  Your donations support these efforts!

In November, we will again be participating in the JDRF One Walk here in Richmond, VA. Please help us make a difference for Trey and the millions of other children and adults living with Type 1 diabetes. Our team’s goal is to raise $8,000 before October 26th for diabetes research. Every dollar will help bring us one step closer to the cure. Thank you in advance for your support, we cannot put into words what it means to us!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Our Miles Towards Mission

In support of the 1.6 million Americans living with T1D, our miles will be counted towards a collective goal of walking 1.6 million miles.

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JDRF One Walk, Richmond 2020

Your support will help fund life-changing research and create a world without type 1 diabetes (T1D).