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New Jersey Metro and Rockland County Chapter
2021 JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes

Let's make T1D history!

18507.456 KM //11,500 mi - 11.25.21


Diabetes Awareness Month. I would love to stop this fundraising but Type 1 Diabetes NEVER STOPS. I am honoring all the persons (kids and grownups) who have to deal with this disease every single day. There is no holiday!
Pedaling all year long for donations for research to cure the disease (Type 1 Diabetes) that never ends - no break ever from depending on insulin to stay alive. 
All for a little credit card donation

I am on  my JDRF MILES Ride countdown.  

I AM riding as many miles as I can in 2021 to ask for donations to cure Type 1 Diabetes which is currently incurable. Persons with Type 1 must have insulin daily to stay alive! Technology must be used to manage blood glucose.  This disease cannot ever be "forgotten" but tended to 24X7. My son has had Type 1 Diabetes 39 years and I have never stopped working for a cure.  My fundraising now is on a bike.  Last year, due to Covid, we did our own rides. I rode 12,800 miles.  I am trying to replicate this year!

Wow - you may say, especially at my age.  But the real wow is I can get off the bike at anytime.  Anyone with Type 1 Diabetes has to be on an "insulin bike" with no time off every day of their lives.  Research has made living with Type 1 so much better than when my family started, but if my son and anyone else with Type 1 does not have insulin, they die.   I am asking for support for research funds.   I will pedal another 12,000 anytime for this cause, but I need you on my team!   .

The video above was at the end of my last organized ride where I said I will ride until there is a cure.   I am still going in 2021.   

Thanks, much love, stay safe and please donate a little


Did you know T1D:

  • Is an autoimmune disease in which a person's pancreas stops producing insulin – the hormone that controls blood sugar levels
  • Strikes children and adults suddenly and is unrelated to diet and lifestyle 
  • Requires constant carb counting, blood-glucose testing, and lifelong dependence on insulin
  • Is a constant balancing act that can result in stress and sleepless nights

There is no way to prevent T1D and there is no cure – yet. But JDRF is working hard to change that and for the first time in our history there is a clear path to cures for T1D. Every dollar you donate today funds research for breakthroughs to help everyone with T1D live healthier and longer, until this disease no longer exists.

We can’t get to the finish line without you.

Thank you.


Joanna's Donors Donors

New Jersey Metro and Rockland County Chapter
2021 JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes