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#VHS4T1D Is Back!!!

Hey guys, it's your boys from The Movie Cellar, Overlord and George, and we're thrilled to be back with the relaunch of our #VHS4T1D campaign! This campaign has been amazing entirely because of you guys and your willingness to donate your hard earned money to make a difference in the lives of people with Type One Diabetes! 

As you all know, Dan's daughter, Lily, has been living with Type One Diabetes for a couple years now. This auto-immune disease kills the beta cells in your pancreas that create insulin. Because of this, your body can't utilize the energy from the food you eat. People who live with T1D have to take synthetic insulin to survive. This requires them to constantly check the amount of food they eat and dose their insulin accordingly. There are no days off and this is a life sustaining and life long necessity. The JDRF has and continues to provide funding for research to cure T1D and make it more manageable for people, like Lily, living with this disease.

Since we started #VHS4T1D over a year ago, the Cellar Dweller community has raised over $6500 for this important research. We hope to continue and refresh that effort with this new campaign page, a new king of the series and a new god of the show! We hope you will consider joining us in funding this great work and we'll reward you for it by watching whatever movies you want and creating special episodes of the podcast just for you! Feel free to donate, rewards are below!

$5 - Shoutout on the show! we'll thank you on the show and if you have a podcast, we'd be happy to run your promo!

$20 - Pick a flick! You pick the movie we watch and review on the show!

$50 - Jump on in! You pick the movie we watch and join us to discuss it on the show!

$100 - King of the Series! You pick the film, join us to talk about it, and become the King and/or Queen of #VHS4T1D! Beyond bragging rights, you also get a shoutout as the royalty of the series on every #VHS4T1D episode as long as you hold the throne!

$1000 - God of the Show! You get to pick a film, join us to talk about it, and all of our branding and episodes mention you as the god of the show! We will have you on whenever you want and however often you want and you have our unending gratitude and worship!

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