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Mrs. Wendy Kopp
Mrs. Wendy Kopp
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JDRF One Walk, Greater Hartford 2022

We’re stronger together! 

My name is Wendy Kopp, owner of Over AndOver Barntique in Andover, CT. Our son Brody was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes in 3rd grade. We met the Brodeurs when our kids went to RHAM and learned their son Hank also had T1D since he was a baby. Hank's mom Kathleen Goodwin and I will be working together (again) to support this cause and this is our team page to donate!
Last year we decided to have our shop's 5 year anniversary fall festival become a fundraiser for JDRF. This year for our 6th we are adding an Artisan Fair and starting earlier to raise more funds. Please donate here to our team and join us on 10/22/22 at the Funky Monkey Fall Fest for more opportunities to donate and win awesome prizes! 

Here's some more information about who and how you will be helping: When you have T1D, your body stops producing insulin—a hormone essential to turning food into energy. Managing the disease is a constant struggle that involves monitoring your blood-sugar level, administering insulin, and carefully balancing these insulin doses with your eating and activity. Even with a strict regimen, people with T1D may still experience dangerously high or low blood-glucose levels that can, in extreme cases, be life threatening.

With T1D there are no days off and there is no cure. But there is hope. And that’s why our team is supporting the JDRF One Walk this year.

Scientific advances are being turned into therapies that are changing the course of T1D. And together, we have the power to drive these therapies to market as quickly as we can.

We hope you will join our team or donate to our fundraising goal! By joining the JDRF One Walk, you'll be part of the lasting footprint we'll make for the T1D community now, and for generations to come.

Thank you for your support.

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JDRF One Walk, Greater Hartford 2022

Your support will help fund life-changing research and create a world without type 1 diabetes (T1D).