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Battling BloodSugars, One Sniff at a Time

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Battling BloodSugars

Shugga Pack! Let's Do This.

It is Shugga's passion, beyond taking care of his Chosen 1, to join the battle to see the world without Type 1 Diabetes!  Shugga also believes in partnering up with an organization that focuses on research and obtaining a cure in the quickest time possible.  Thus, Shugga and his Chosen 1 decided to Donate a percentage of ALL proceeds from Shugga's Book, Apparel, Coaching, Speaking, Adventures and Camps to JDRF.  So everyone joining the Shugga Pack are making a bigger impact for themselves and the world.  

As a T1D and Diabetic Alert Dog, we understand that living with T1D means there are no days off, not even a couple hours - we are riding the Diabetic Coaster together 24/7, 365 days a year.

Thus, every dollar Battling BloodSugars donates together with our Shugga Pack will facilitate JDRF to fund life-changing breakthroughs —until T1D no longer exists.  And until then, we'll Keep Living the Sweet Life.  

Woof (Love) & Tailwags - Shugga