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  • Asa & Aiden, Age 13

    Asa & Aiden, Age 13

Putting an end to T1D, one step at a time

Welcome to our team page!  Our team is all about Asa & Aiden!

It's so hard to believe SIX years have passed since we boarded the Crazy Train called Life with Diabetes!   We're approaching HALF of their lives they've lived with T1D!  Boy, have we learned a lot and grown so much!  

We are so blessed for all of the support from our families, co-workers and friends.  Because of you, we're able to help JDRF make a difference in the lives of Asa & Aiden and all the children like them!

We're working hard to help JDRF, too, in more ways than financially.  Asa & Aiden are Youth Ambassadors, and Rhonda is serving as an Outreach Volunteer (mentor) and on the Board of Directors.  All of this, to make a difference in the lives of those with T1D.  Your help, in all fashions, is instrumental in our successes as we help JDRF turn Type One into Type None for Asa & Aiden.  

Just a little background...Asa and Aiden are identical twin boys, who from the outside looking in, appear to have nothing wrong.  They are smart, funny, active, and do well in school.  However, in 2012, five months apart at the ages of 7 and 7 1/2, part of their pancreases were attacked by their own immune system, and they were diagnosed with Type One Diabetes.  Each boys is college-bound, determined, and plan to go to school to be Veterinarians or Physicians.

Type One Diabetes is a genetic Autoimmune disease in which the pancreas completely ceases to make insulin.  Without insulin, T1D patients would essentially starve to death.  The boys, and all the patients like them, did nothing to cause or precipitate this.  We have now been on this T1D journey for over 6 years.  Now at age 13, as if being a teenager and navigating middle school wasn't enough, their daily lives involve counting the carbohydrates in every morsel of food they eat, pricking their fingers to monitor their glucose levels multiple times per day, insulin shots, insulin and continuous glucose monitor site changes (and the related skin irritation), and constant diligence in order to attempt to stay one step ahead of Diabetes and to stay healthy!  We work hard to make sure the boys have as normal of a childhood as possible despite having to deal with such adult issues!

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is the primary organization who spends all of their research dollars seeking better treatments and a cure for Type One Diabetes.  They're working hard to put themselves out of a job! The medical advances they have underway are exciting to say the least! Although medical technology has come tremendously far in the treatments for T1D, no treatment is optimal and no cure has been discovered.

Diabetes takes center stage in our lives too much and demands an incredible amount of time and attention (and lost sleep) to manage.  However, every day and every year we learn and grow, and we're refusing to let Dia-BEAT-US!

Will you accept the challenge to make a difference by walking with us? All we need you to do is click on the "Join this Team" button, make a donation, and begin fundraising. It’s simple, fast, and fun!

Thank you for your support, and we’ll see you on Walk day!
Jerry and Rhonda Fuselier

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November 11, 2018
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Rescheduled Walk Celebration on Nov 11 at Billy Bob's!


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