JDRF Ride Fundraising Packages

As a JDRF Rider, you will automatically receive benefits as part of your registration, including community and fitness challenges, Ride training by a coach (where available), fundraising support and more. And starting at $150, you can earn rewards and perks for your fundraising! Follow the road below for JDRF My Ride fundraising rewards or choose one of our JDRF Ride Destination Events and fundraising packages that works best for you. No matter which road you choose, you'll be surrounded by the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community cheering you on at every milestone.

Back in 2023: Lodging packages include a 3-night shared room, with the option to purchase a private room (as available). All experience packages still include meals and celebrations throughout the weekend.


Registration Fee

There is no registration fee required to participate in JDRF My Ride. Upon registration, you will have the option to make a self-donation which will be the first donation towards your Ride campaign and achieving your fundraising goal. A $100 registration fee is required to participate in a JDRF Destination Ride and is counted towards your fundraising package minimum.

Meeting and exceeding your fundraising goal

The JDRF Ride is a partnership. Riders choose their own goals and JDRF provides you with support and coaching every mile of the way. From the moment you register and throughout every mile of your JDRF Ride journey, you'll have the support of JDRF and the entire Ride community. We will work with you every mile of the way to hit your fundraising goal. This includes:

Tips from JDRF fundraising pros

Whatever fundraising level you strive to achieve, JDRF will support you with the best fundraising tools and help you brainstorm new, fun ways to exceed your goal.

Comradery of the Ride community

Your fellow Riders are the biggest strength of JDRF Ride. From hosting trivia night fundraisers to starting social media campaigns, our riders fundraise in countless creative ways. They'll inspire you and help you exceed your goal. Get connected to the Ride community by registering today and connecting with JDRF Ride on Facebook and Instagram.

Expertise of the Ride Team

The JDRF Ride staff is here to answer your every question and address any other concerns you have. Email with any questions.

You can do this.

Go the Distance Partners

Our Go the Distance Partners provide JDRF riders with new and meaningful ways to connect to the community and advance individual and company goals, while helping to further JDRF's mission.

We thank these longstanding corporate partners for their support and helping us "Go the Distance"!